The Laws of Wolfhome
"I accept you into my pack," said The Guardian.
"But here, you are on my lands,
and you will follow my rules."

Be sure to read over the rules in full
"But I didn't know!" is not an acceptable excuse on Wolfhome. As soon as you have registered, you have agreed to be subject to these rules as well as our Terms of Service. Before you register or participate in this site in any manner, you should read the rules all the way through to ensure you will be able to abide by them.

Account Responsibility
Please bear in mind that you are responsible for whatever happens on your account, so it is advised that you keep your password a secret. If someone uses your account and gets banned, this ban will count towards you in the future. This includes allowing others to use your e-mail account(s) to gain access to Wolfhome. Be sure to take extra precautions, such as making your password difficult to guess, and utilizing the '!lock' command.

Private Rooms
Owners of the private rooms are responsible for what happens in said room. This means that when you enter another user’s room, you are subject to their rules. If you do not like the rules laid down by the room owner, go to another location. The only exception the Wolfhome Administration handles situations in private rooms are when: a death threat, a hack threat, a virus threat, a suicide threat, or the propositioning of a minor occurs.

Opening or entering another person's private room on Wolfhome, without their knowledge and without their consent, is not acceptable. Using another's personal room without permission will be considered a form of theft, and said user can be removed from the room and given an official warning. If this occurs, the room owner will need to report it to the Wolfhome Administration directly so it can be handled.

'Mini-modding', which means a subordinate behaving as a ranked administrator, is something we frown upon here on Wolfhome. In some cases, it can lead to degrading or shaming of another user publicly. Mini-modding is more hurtful than helpful, and should be avoided. Administrators are promoted and trained to properly deal with these issues. So when issues arise, please notify an on duty administrator.

Golden Rule
Remember to treat others how you wish to be treated! If you cannot get along with a user, you may always use the ignore feature, which is available to all users of the site.

1.)   Wolfhome is PG-13
2.)   Wolfhome is +13
3.)   Spam
4.)   Death Threats
5.)   Suicide Threats
6.)   Hack Threats and Virus Threats
7.)   Disturbing the Peace
8.)   Trolling
9.)   False Reports
10.)   Harassment
11.)   Propositioning Minors
12.)   Multiple Accounts
13.)   Begging
14.)   Impersonation
15.)   Roleplay
16.)   Illegal Activity and Illegal URLs
17.)   Profile Content
18.)   Art Theft

1.) Wolfhome is PG-13 (back to top)
  Wolfhome is a PG-13 rated Chatlands site based in the United States of America. Conversations over the PG-13 rating in Wolfhome's public rooms will never be tolerated, no matter the age of all participants in the room and whether they're all okay with it or not. All R-rated conversations belong in the appropriate designated private rooms. Your profile and username are also subject to this rule, because they are visible to anyone at anytime. The Wolfhome Forum is also PG-13. All conversations and profile content deemed above the PG-13 limit are prohibited. Conversations above the PG-13 limit are to be held in designated private rooms. All content deemed above the PG-13 limit will be removed.

A.) Cursing, Slang, and Symbolism - While we do permit mild swearing, such as "damn" or "s**t", as this is a PG-13 website, we do not allow excessive cussing; this is considered to be more than five mild curse words or more than two stronger curse words, such as the "f-bomb". We advise you to be extremely sparing with harsh language and cuss words. This also includes using inappropriate, derogatory, or hurtful slang towards another orientation, racial group, political affiliation, etc. We also ask that you do not direct your swears towards other users. This language should never be directed at someone, and if done so in a belittling manner, it will be treated as harassment.

It is acceptable for middle fingers, without censorship, to be linked on chat in the following formats when used indirectly in: artwork posted in the gallery, reference sheets, image of an individual giving the middle finger, and/or emote of the middle finger. If the middle finger appears to be directed at someone/group/affiliation, in profile content, or used as a pose on chat, it is not acceptable.

Subjecting others to or directly linking unfiltered NSFW ("not suitable for work") content, such as an image, a gallery, or video, to others is not acceptable. Linking to offsite content that is filtered for viewing audience, for example, content that is only viewable to individuals who have the "NSFW filter" on, is acceptable.

B.) Advertising Illegal Substances - Wolfhome allows discussion about legal substances, such as alcohol and cigarettes. Talk of illegal or prescription drugs for informational purposes is also allowed (an example being: This illegal drug has many side effects). Any talk of illegal or prescription drugs without intent to inform, or talk of such substances in a distasteful manner, is not allowed. If you are under the influence of a substance and violate the rules, you are held accountable for your actions.

C.) Sexual Content and Innuendos - Sexual content and slang is not appropriate on these boards. Neither is mimicking or discussing sexual positions, sexual scenarios or contexts. If you are caught doing so, action may be taken against your account. Sheaths on ferals are acceptable in artwork posted to the chat IF there is no detail, it is just a slight bulge and it isn't overly sexualized. Bulges on anthros are acceptable if it is a smooth, round bulge such as the ones present on our crinos poses or on a Ken Barbie Doll; there is no more than one bulge; and there is no indication of a phallic shape. Nipples may only be present on feral artwork on the chat; we do not allow nipples to be present on any anthro artwork or human photographs, regardless of sex or gender.

I. Any content that is above the PG-13 level will be met with a warning. After any three subsequent warnings, any content posted that is above the PG-13 level will result in a ban.

II. Any content that is above the PG-13 level in profile content will be met with a reminder. If the content is not removed after 24 hours of your next login, an official warning will be given. If you do not login 72 hours after receiving the reminder, you will be notified that the profile content has been removed via a chat message, but not given a warning. After any three subsequent warnings on the chat, PG-13 content in profiles will result in a ban. Usernames that are above the PG-13 level will be met with an e-mailed warning. If the username is not changed upon the next login, a ban will be placed.
2.) Wolfhome is +13 (back to top)
  As of March 2nd, 2013, Wolfhome became a Chatlands site for users thirteen years of age or older. Wolfhome established this rule to ensure that children were not exposed to content above their age level. If you are not thirteen years of age, please do not sign up for Wolfhome. Wolfhome Administrators will permanently ban users under the age of thirteen from this site, whether or not they have parental consent. These users are allowed to return upon turning thirteen years old, but must send in a Problem Ticket appealing their ban by stating they are now old enough to use Wolfhome.

Users under the age of thirteen who joined and were actively using the site on or before March 2nd, 2013 are considered 'grandfathered in users', and are allowed to use the site as long as they have parental consent.

I. All users who are below the age of 13, even if stated as a joke, and joined after the cut off date will be permanently banned from the site. These permanent bans can be appealed upon or after turning 13 years old.
3.) Spam (back to top)
  Spamming is prohibited on Wolfhome. This can be movement and/or text. When an individual is spamming using movement, this means they are clicking all around the screen or changing poses quickly and excessively (this includes changing the direction of your pose too quickly). When an individual is spamming using text, it refers to when users who rapidly enter nonsense into the the text box. Both of these types of spam can result in some people's connections slowing down, which is why we do not allow it. Typing nonstop, which is also known as "flooding", and is considered another form of spam, fills up the majority scroll bar. We also don't allow posting song lyrics excessively in chat. There is no specific limit about how much you can use capitals, but be aware that in online-lingo, it is considered "yelling". You will be warned after four lines of any kind of spam, even when broken up by slight chatting.

The following is an example of text spam:

Guardian: a
Guardian: b
Guardian: c
Guardian: d

The following is an example of flooding:

Guardian: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I. All types of spam will be met with a warning. After any three subsequent warnings on the chat, any content posted that is deemed as spam will result in a ban.
4.) Death Threats (back to top)
  Wolfhome has zero tolerance for death threats. Talk of killing, how to kill, threatening someone with murder or anything of the sort is not allowed. This rule applies to death threats made in joking manners and death threats made in relation to public role play as well. Roleplay death threats, however, are allowed in private rooms and private settings designated for roleplay. Despite this fact, if the death threat is deemed too serious/graphic or it is unclear that the threat was made in roleplay, a ban can be placed on your account.These are the minimum ban lengths that will occur for death threat scenarios (higher ban lengths may be given if deemed necessary):
I. Three days to a week for roleplay based death threats in a roleplay room.

II. One month for a roleplay based death threat outside of a roleplay room.

III. A permanent ban will be placed if the death threat is deemed serious enough.

Please note that your sniff, away messages (in a public setting) and private room rules are subject to these ban lengths as they are easily seen by the public.
5.) Suicide Threats (back to top)
  As members of a community, we want to look out for one another and be sure that everyone is okay. The Wolfhome Administration does take suicide threats and self-harm threats very seriously, because we want to ensure that our users are safe and have access to help if they need it. Equally, we want to ensure that users who may be triggered are not negatively impacted by this type of talk, which is why we do not allow public discussion of suicide or self-harm threats.

I. Talking about recent self-harm or talk of suicide, either on your behalf or the behalf of someone else on the site, will result in an e-mail being sent with helpful links. This is in order to make sure individuals get the help they need.

II. If talk of suicide or self-harm persists, it will result in warnings or bans being given. The authorities or ISP may also be contacted if the case is severe.
6.) Hack Threats and Virus Threats (back to top)
  Threatening to hack or send viruses, or even talking about potentially hacking or sending viruses to another user or website, is not tolerated on this site. We ask that you do not talk about, share tips or tricks, or share links about hacking, sending viruses, or discuss potentially hacking or sending viruses. Even talk of hacking or sending viruses in a joking manner will result in serious action taken, as it is something we must take seriously.

I. A permanent ban will be placed if the threat is deemed serious enough.
7.) Disturbing the Peace (back to top)
  Wolfhome is a peaceful and accepting community of individuals that have an appreciation towards creativity and thoughtfulness. When users disturb this balance, it is considered 'disturbing the peace'. Generally, disturbing the peace can mean many things, but in most cases it refers to behaving in ways that are upsetting or unsettling to people within the community, causing emotional grief, or trauma. Disruptions and/or disturbing the peace will not be tolerated in any form. If you are caught doing so, it will result in disciplinary action being taken on your account. This includes, but is not limited to:
A. Creating unnecessary drama to intentionally disturb another user.

B. Faking your own, or someone else's trauma (such as death, an accident...etc.).

C. Falsely advertising your services to another user, when you have no intention of completing what is owed.

D. Subjects, images or content that can trigger other members of the community (such as talk of: rape, self-harm, suicide...etc.).

E. Talking about or discussing any warning or ban placed on any account, even someone else's, publicly. If you wish to dispute a ban or warning, please send in a Problem Ticket instead, or if you wish to discuss a ban or warning, please contact an administrator via private message.

F. Favoritism of any kind.

I. Most disturbing the peace offenses result in the regular ban ladder being followed. That means that disturbing the peace will be met with a warning. After any three subsequent warnings on the chat, any further disruptions of the peace will result in a ban.

II. A permanent ban will be placed if the disruption of the peace is deemed serious enough.
8.) Trolling (back to top)
  Joining a Chatlands site such as Wolfhome for the sole purpose of harassing, causing grief, or disrupting the peace, also known as trolling, will result in an immediate ban.

I. A one week ban will be placed for a first offense.

II. A permanent ban will be placed for a second offense, or for any first offense where it is clear an individual is only here to cause grief.
9.) False Reports (back to top)
  While we encourage you to report any suspicious activity you see, in no way do we promote falsely accusing other users. If you make false reports against another user, we will take action against your account instead. So please be respectful of other users and do not purposely try to get them in trouble if they did nothing wrong.

I. A reminder may be issued if the report, albeit false, appeared to have good intentions.

II. Intentional false reports will be met with an e-mailed warning. After receiving a warning for false reports, any further false reports or modified content with the intent to provoke action being taken upon a user will result in a ban.
10.) Harassment (back to top)
  Irritating or tormenting members of this community persistently is frowned upon, and will never be acceptable on Wolfhome. This is also known as harassment. There are many different types of harassment, but harassment of any kind will not be tolerated on this website. This includes:
A. Irritating, annoying or tormenting members of this community persistently through means such as "flaming", "egging on", or "shaming". This can also mean using avatars/poses as a means of harassing users (such as directing the 'attack' and 'growl' poses from the default sets at other users) or not respecting the personal space of others.

B. Uncalled for and inappropriate name calling or inappropriate and hurtful slang (such as terms against homosexuality, racial groups, political affiliations...etc.).

C. Sexual harassment or sexual innuendoes.

D. Stalking members of this community.

E. Harassing administrators and/or posting about: bans, warnings given, pending or already processed poses, asking to become an admin, disputing bans publicly... etc.

F. Targeting other users in regards to personal issues or differences. Using the chats to criticize or upset others you have personal differences with is not tolerated.

G. Uncalled for or negative criticism against your fellow community members.

H. Demeaning another member for their skills level in artistry (such as mocking, making fun of, or speaking ill of another user and their works of art, literature, etc.).

I. Prejudice against religious or spiritual beliefs and extremist points of view. Please keep these to yourself and do not force them upon others.

J. Naming & Shaming and/or pointing out Art Theft. If you do see Art Theft, please contact a member of the Wolfhome Staff and we will handle it.

I. All types of harassment will be met with a warning. After any two subsequent warnings on the chat, any content posted that is deemed as harassment will result in a ban.
11.) Propositioning Minors (back to top)
  Wolfhome will in no way tolerate the propositioning of minors. We make every effort to keep this site safe and enjoyable for all users. Minors should not have to be exposed to illegal enticement while on Wolfhome. Anyone caught doing so will be permanently banned from all Chatlands sites straight away. No exceptions. Instances of propositioning minors will be reported to the appropriate Internet Service Provider (ISP) and/or legal authority as possible law enforcement. This includes:
A. Offering minors drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or other illegal substances.

B. Having or discussing having intercourse, cybering, or 'yiffing' with minors (including roleplay).

I. A permanent ban will be placed for any cases of propositioning a minor.

If Wolfhome has a reasonable suspicion of involvement with a minor that is unethical, we reserve the right to ban them across all sites without warning, even if this situation occurs in a 'roleplaying' or 'pretend' atmosphere. This also goes for any minor who is caught propositioning an adult. Action will be taken against any minor who does so.
12.) Multiple Accounts (back to top)
  You are allowed to have as many accounts as you want. You can have four accounts per e-mail address. But you cannot use these multiple accounts in the same room. Using multiple accounts is also known as 'multi-accounting', and it is against the rules. If you are caught using multiple accounts in the same public room and do not remove them upon being asked, your accounts will be banned.

I. Using multiple accounts in the same room will be met with a warning. After any three subsequent warnings on the chat, any further offenses will result in a ban.
13.) Begging (back to top)
  Begging, otherwise known as the soliciting of funds, favors or items, is not be tolerated. This includes:
A. Asking members of this community to give you currency for free. This also includes through personal go fund me donations. Go fund me's are allowed if a service, such as pose coloring or permissions to a premade pose, is given in return for a donation. We do, however, allow donation posts to official charities.

B. Asking members of this community to give you free art or services (otherwise known as making requests).

C. Panhandling of any sort.

D. The use of Wolfhome to gain "loans" from users with the intent to pay it back. As Wolfhome does not have the legal capacity to oversee such transactions please do not use Wolfhome as a means to get loans for financial gain as a means to raise funds or "IOU"s.

I. Begging will be met with a warning. After any three subsequent warnings on the chat, any further begging will result in a ban.
14.) Impersonation (back to top)
  Impersonation of any kind will not be tolerated on Wolfhome. Pretending to be another person for profit or as a joke will be taken very seriously and handled accordingly. Impersonation includes:
A. Claiming to be an administrator (current or former), artist, site creator, influential individual, another user of the site or offsite, etc., for personal gain.

B. Finding an image via internet search and uploading it for personal use (ex. as your sniff, profile, or forum picture) regardless if you are claiming to be that person.

C. Pretending to be someone else to harass another person.

I. Minor impersonation offenses will be met with a 24 hour ban.

II. Major impersonation offenses will be met with a permanent ban across all Chatlands sites.
15.) Roleplay (back to top)
  Roleplaying is also known as the act of changing one's regular disposition to perform as another character. For example: behaving as a wolf that is part of a pack. Wolfhome was a website that was originally created for the sole purpose of chatting, but that has since evolved, and now Wolfhome allows role play in designated roleplaying rooms only. With that being said, roleplay in rooms that are NOT designated for such purposes is considered a violation of the rules.

You shouldn’t assume that everyone wants to roleplay with you even though Wolfhome has designated roleplaying rooms. If you wish to seek out others to role play with you, such as finding 'pack members', 'wolf pups', or 'mates', you must do so in a designated roleplaying room. Asking people repeatedly to join your roleplay can be considered harassment, and is not allowed. You are allowed to discuss matters pertaining to roleplay in non-designated roleplaying rooms, such as discussing the status of the roleplay, so long as you do not disturb other users in the room that are not interested in roleplay.

The following is an example of role play:

Guardian: *comes home after a long hunt, tired and weary, happy to see the rest of the pack*

The following is an example of discussing role play related issues:

Guardian: The Guardianess told me that Eventful went on their first hunt today!

I. Roleplay in non-roleplaying rooms will be met with a warning. After any three subsequent warnings on the chat, any further roleplaying in non-roleplaying rooms will result in a ban.
16.) Illegal Activity and Illegal URLs (back to top)
  Discussing illegal activity and providing inappropriate URLs is prohibited on this chat. You are held responsible for any content you link to while using Wolfhome, including content linked within public profiles. If you link to an inappropriate URL, you will receive a ban straight away. Please note that these types of links are forbidden, even if a preemptive heads or disclaimer up given. To provide an example of a disclaimer, stating that a link contains nudity and then linking it anyway, is not allowed. This includes:
A. Shock sites of any sort.

B. Links/images/content showing: excessive gore, sexually explicit content, images that can cause epilepsy, or any otherwise offensive or inappropriate content.

C. Links to illegal downloads or links promoting the sale of or promotion of illegal activities.

D. Links designed to affect computer performance in a negative way.

I. Discussing illegal activity or content will be met with a warning if it is not severe. After any two subsequent warnings on the chat, any further discussion of illegal content will result in a ban.

II. Linking inappropriate or illegal URLs that are not severe will result in a 2 week ban from the chat.

III. Linking shock sites or highly inappropriate or illegal URLs will result in a permanent ban from the site.

We ask anyone who uses these facilities, even if it is simply posting a picture in chat, to take into consideration those with epilepsy and refrain from using or posting flash gifs or images. If you have such images in your public profile, you may be asked to remove them or to put a warning/spoiler if appropriate. As a safety precaution, we urge anyone with epilepsy to be prepared that they may come across content which might trigger a seizure. Browser addons should be used when possible to reduce risk of suffering an unexpected seizure due to a user's profile, forum post, or chat link. We cannot control 100% what users post and you may beat us to seeing an image, therefore, your safety should be a priority and such addons should be installed. If you see something which you feel may trigger epilepsy, please report it to an administrator. Typically images which "flash" more than three times a second and have changing colors, certain optical illusions and patterns can trigger epilepsy. Not all images will be taken down if they are considered to not be a risk, but those which are deemed to be will be removed as soon as possible.

Please note: links are typically for sites that are external to Wolfhome and are thus not under the control of wunderwood LLC. Please note that wunderwood LLC is not responsible for any content displayed when a link takes you to an external website. We also reserve the right to judge instances where inappropriate content is linked in public or private rooms on a case-by-case basis.
17.) Profile Content (back to top)
  Wolfhome users are expected to have profile content that abides by these rules:
A. All profile content should follow the above rules.

B. Jump scares,“do not click” links, or images that could induce an epileptic seizure are not allowed.

C. Black lists in profile content are not allowed.

D. Attempting to sell or give away an animal through profile content or through the chat is not allowed.

E. Copyrights should always be added for images used in profile content.

I. Any profile content that violates these rules will be met with a reminder. If the content is not removed after 24 hours of your next login, an official warning will be given. If you do not login 72 hours after receiving the reminder, you will be notified that the profile content has been removed via a chat message, and no warning will be given. After any two subsequent warnings on the chat, PG-13 content in profiles will result in a ban.

II. Profile content that violates any major rules that would normally result in a permanent ban will also be treated with a permanent ban on this chat.
18.) Art Theft (back to top)
  Art Theft is something that the Wolfhome Staff takes very seriously on both Forum and Chat. For a full definition and explanation of what Art Theft is, please see the ART FAQ. Art Theft is something the Wolfhome Administration will never tolerate. This includes:
A. Linking material that is not your’s, but claiming that it is, otherwise known as copyright infringement.

B. Posting traced or very heavily referenced artwork and claiming it as your own work.

C. Selling or trading material that does not belong to you.

D. Using or attempting to use artwork that you do not have permission to use, whether it be it belongs to someone else, the the artist requests that it not be used on Wolfhome, modifying artwork that you do not have permission to modify, not paying for the artwork, or thieved another user's character and/or artwork.

These are the minimum ban lengths that will occur for Art Theft scenarios (higher ban lengths may be given if deemed necessary, for example, users who have other prior offenses):

A warning sent via e-mail and private message on the Wolfhome chat for a first offense
  • A three day ban for a second offense.
  • A two week ban for a third offense.
  • A permanent ban for a fourth offense.
Bans for art theft are counted towards all other types bans, but in a much harsher manner. For example, usually a 12 hour ban would increase to a 3 day ban on your next offense. However with art theft it works as follows:
  • If you have been banned for twelve hours on chat, a second Art Theft offense would result in a one week ban.
  • If you have been banned for three days on chat, a second Art Theft offense would result in a two week ban.
  • If you have been banned for one week on chat, a second Art Theft offense would result in a one month ban.
  • If you have been banned for two weeks on chat, a second Art Theft offense would result in a permanent ban.


Please note that these rules may be updated as time goes on. All changes will be reflected on this page. By agreeing to abide by these rules upon registration, you are responsible for also abiding by any changes made to the rules. This also includes abiding by the Wolfhome Forum rules, regarding rules such as: blacklists, animal transactions and third party selling.

If you are at all confused by these rules, feel free to ask a member of the staff! Clarification is the best way to avoid issues in the future.

Last updated: 4/21/2017


Problem Solving Strategies for Wolfhome (by Underdog)

    "I want to take a minute to explain how I expect members of Wolfhome to approach problems with another user, whether that other user is a Subordinate, Gamma, Beta or Alpha... The goal is to try and keep the public forums clear of the acrimony that plagued the previous two incarnations of Wolfhome. I want to make these suggestions:

"1. When you have a problem with some other user, first you need to send a message to that person explaining yourself. Avoid sarcasm or other things that would add more "heat than light". State your case plainly and politely. If someone has done you an injustice, make it clear why you feel that way, but do not make things more complicated by attacking back. Resist the temptation to "tell them off". Try to resolve the problem in a private message.

"2. If you are unable to resolve the problem by working directly with the other person, you should escalate it to someone of higher rank. So, for example, if you are a Subordinate and you are having problems with another Subordinate, send a private message to a Gamma about it, or speak with them privately.

"3. If escalating to the next level doesn't work, continue to escalate. There's no reason why you have to go through each level, but try to if you can. If all else fails, please do not hesitate to contact me (or another Alpha) directly about problems with an administrator. Be aware that I want to think highly of my team, but that doesn't mean that they are infallible.

"4. The main goal is to try to resolve problems without turning it into a public argument. For what it's worth, any time that I see a PUBLIC discussion of some problem that should have been handled in PRIVATE, I tend to be strongly biased against the public debate. So, it serves your purpose to avoid airing "dirty laundry" in public. This means, be discreet and private. PM the Alphas, rather than post a negative topic.

"5. If all else fails, and you have moved up the ladder and STILL don't have a fair resolution, then by all means you are free to take it public. You could have done it all along, of course. But keep in mind that I am not going to cave in to mob rule. I am the Alpha at Wolfhome. What I say is final. I want to keep people happy, but I am going to do what I feel is right, regardless of any public vote.

"I believe that one of the root causes of the collapse of the previous two incarnations of Wolfhome had to do with arguments on public forums. I do not want to eliminate those, but I want them to be a last resort. Thanks for helping me reach that goal."


Thank you for participating in our site and happy chatting!

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