Happy Howloween 2011!

(or "Halloween" or "All Hallows Eve", if you prefer)

Wolfhome Halloween 2011 - Contest Page
Galloping Ghosts! It's Wolfhome's TWELFTH Halloween Party!

We continue to be amazed to be here and to have such a great group of folks here with us! So, we're running our annual HOWLOWEEN PARTY to celebrate, and, you are invited to help, either by volunteering artwork for prizes, suggesting cool contests, helping Timberwolf with our newsletter, or simply by participating and having a good time!

Important: As is customary, for roughly the last week in October, ALL CHATLANDS SUBSCRIPTIONS (INCLUDING WOLFHOME) WILL BE FREE. After those days are past us, subscriptions will once again be purchased by spending deltas. During the free week, you may upload poses, rooms and objects for the Howloween Party, but you'll need to remove them or spend deltas to keep the subscription going once the party's over. Once it shows up... be sure to put your spooky rooms on Halloween Island! It's where all the cool ghouls gather. :)

Spooky Regards!

Wolfhome Pumpkin Contest - Who can "carve" the best pumpkin?
Don't forget you can vote daily for your favorite pumpkin! Last year there were some ties, so every vote might be important!
1st Prize 20 Deltas   Domestic
2nd Prize 10 Deltas   Ocean
3rd Prize 5 Deltas   Radium
  Pumpkin Contest Entries
Custom Pose / Pose Mod Competition - Best COUPLES / PUZZLE Pose!
1st Prize 15 Deltas GTWolf/Bunny
2nd Prize 10 Deltas _______________
3rd Prize 5 Deltas _______________
Custom Pose / Pose Mod Competition - MOST UNIQUE Pose!
1st Prize 15 Deltas Silika
2nd Prize 10 Deltas Kahira
3rd Prize 5 Deltas SGrayWolf
Custom Pose / Pose Mod Competition - SCARIEST Pose!
1st Prize 15 Deltas _______________
2nd Prize 10 Deltas _______________
3rd Prize 5 Deltas _______________
Custom Pose / Pose Mod Competition - FUNNIEST Pose!
1st Prize 15 Deltas Lock
2nd Prize 10 Deltas Teaninja
3rd Prize 5 Deltas SGrayWolf
Scary Story Competition - Create a Wolfhome Howloween related spooky story!
1st Prize 20 Deltas HushHushHush
2nd Prize 10 Deltas Darkwolf
3rd Prize 5 Deltas Zorya
Comic Competition - Create a Wolfhome Howloween related comic!
1st Prize 20 Deltas Lock
2nd Prize 10 Deltas Flow
3rd Prize 5 Deltas Collide
Spooky Room Competition - The best spooky room on Wolfhome!
1st Prize 20 Deltas Oux
2nd Prize 10 Deltas Cobweb/Rahvi
3rd Prize 5 Deltas Ari
Dress Up The Guardian - Dress our favorite Wolfhome Mascot!
1st Prize 10 Deltas Lock
2nd Prize 5 Deltas Juke
3rd Prize 2.5 Deltas Flow & Harlequin (tie)
Trivia Contest - How well do YOU know Wolfhome?
1st Prize 20 Deltas Blob
2nd Prize 10 Deltas Fury
3rd Prize 5 Deltas Affliction