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Wolfhome is a two-dimensional graphical chatting site where members can use and create their own custom avatars to represent themselves. With a vast amount of natural environments to explore and canine-themed avatars to use, Wolfhome attracts many types of people. Along with its chatting component, Wolfhome accommodates roleplaying in distinct areas, and has a forum where users can discuss and share ideas, interests, as well as art! Wolfhome is the perfect place to immerse yourself in a new, mysterious and enchanting environment. Join our community, release your creative side and find a place to call home.

  What is Wolfhome?
  Is Wolfhome considered a game?
  Is it free?
  What are Deltas?
  How do I use Deltas?
  How do I sign up for Wolfhome?
  What are the Rules?
  What is the Wolfhome Forum?
  What if someone is bothering me?
  What is an Administrator?
  Could I become an Administrator?
  What do username symbols mean?
  May I submit artwork to use?
  What are Private Rooms?
  How are the Rules enforced, and what is the Ban Ladder?
  Can I report an issue offsite?
  Why can't I get into the chat?
  How do I report a bug?
  How do I report someone on chat?
  Can I rename or delete my account?
  What do I do if I get banned?
  What is banhopping?
  How can I provide feedback?
  How do I report copyright infringement (DMCA)?
  I have a question not listed here?

What is Wolfhome? (back to top)
  Wolfhome is a two-dimensional graphical avatar chat, which can be used right through your internet browser! While on Wolfhome, you can portray yourself as your own virtual character and immerse yourself in a natural environment. You can use an avatar to interact with others by changing "poses" to express your mood or actions.

We have a few preset avatar sets for you to try out to get started!

Look here for the Basic Wolfhome Tutorial.
Is Wolfhome considered a game? (back to top)
  Wolfhome is NOT considered a game. Games have a set goal or multiple goals that are usually determined by playing in a setting that can be competitive-based, skill-based, luck-based or strength-based. Wolfhome does not have a set goal. Wolfhome is best described as a two-dimensional graphical avatar chat site.
Is it free? (back to top)
  Wolfhome is free to use. To access more premium features, however, you will need to purchase Wolfhome Deltas.
What are Deltas? (back to top)
  Deltas (Δ) are Wolfhome's very own currency. You can use them for purchasing a Wolfhome Subscription, buying art from Wolfhome artists, or other services found on Wolfhome. For more information, please read the Wolfhome Deltas FAQ.

How do I use Deltas? (back to top)
  Deltas can be used to purchase custom artwork on the Wolfhome Market Place. If you have a subscription on Wolfhome, you can upload your custom artwork on Chat.
How do I sign up for Wolfhome? (back to top)
  You can sign up for Wolfhome by viewing and following the instructions by clicking here. Wolfhome does have Rules to follow, which you can read about here. By signing up, you MUST agree to the Rules and Terms of Use Policy of Wolfhome. Be sure to read and understand these completely!
What are the rules? (back to top)
  Wolfhome is a PG-16 rated Chatlands site for individuals who are sixteen years of age or older, while some other Chatlands sites allow younger users, on Wolfhome you are required to be sixteen years or older to join. This is to ensure that children are not exposed to content above their age level. All of the Rules of Wolfhome can be found here. You should read these Rules carefully before signing up for the site.
What is the Wolfhome Forum? (back to top)
  The Wolfhome Forum is where members of the site discuss on goings of Wolfhome, share their artwork, role-play, play games and talk to one another. The Forum is separate from the Chat, and requires registration. Forum Administrators process Forum Accounts frequently. Please note, you should get a notice when your account is processed and will receive a Welcome PM in your forum inbox.
What do I do if someone is bothering me? (back to top)
  If someone is bothering you on Wolfhome, we ask for you to use the Ignore Feature in the Chat. Once a user has been ignored, they cannot see you and you cannot see them. If someone is breaking the Rules or keeps bothering you persistently, however, please report it to a Wolfhome Administrator. Check out the Report Tutorial to find out how to do this.
What is an Administrator? (back to top)
  An Administrator is a Wolfhome user that helps others with the Chat and Forum. Administrators have different symbols next to their names, to assist in identifying who they are. You will also be able to view them on the Report List and The Mysts. There are 4 types of Administrators: Apprentice (Trainee), Gamma, Beta and Alpha. Their usernames appear as a separate color from regular members in the Chat Rooms, and are also plainly viewable on the Report List and The Mysts. They are essentially the peacekeepers of Wolfhome; their tasks are to help answer questions, solve problems and deal with rule breakers. Administrators are regular members who volunteer their time and efforts to help Wolfhome prosper.
Could I become an Administrator? (back to top)
  It is possible to be an Administrator, however, we do require some qualifications. You must be at least eighteen years of age. You must also have a strong understanding for the Rules, be active on the Chat and Forum and very friendly. Administrators will often be working with others, so if you are not a people person, this may not be the position for you. We do accept Applications to become an Administrator and we also take Nominations.
What is the symbol next to my username? (back to top)
  Each person on Wolfhome has a symbol next to their username on chat. Regular Chat Members () are the elements, or essence, that make up the site. Helpers otherwise known as Apprentice's () are in training to become a Wolfhome Administrator & are pools of that energy coming together to help form an orb. Gammas () are newer members of the Administration & are these orbs in the process of taking form. Betas () are members of the Administrations who have been on the Team for a substantial amount of time & are the orbs in their complete form. Alphas () who manage the day-to-day operations of Wolfhome, are the combined energies working as one.

How do I submit artwork to use on the site? (back to top)
  To submit custom artwork for your own personal use, you are going to need a Wolfhome Subscription. Based on the subscription level you have, you can upload a certain amount of pose(s), Private Room(s), and custom object(s). Once you have a Subscription, you can upload artwork by going to the Body Shop, which is located in the middle of the Wolfhome Map. From there, select "upload". It will bring you to what is known as the uploader, from there you can upload the desired pose(s), room(s), or object(s). Remember to check out the Art FAQ for Guidelines on submitting artwork!
What are Private Rooms? (back to top)
  Private Rooms can be used by paying users of the site and the ratings of which can be controlled by the owner of said room. The Wolfhome Administration is NOT responsible for the moderation of privately owned rooms. The owner of the Private Room is responsible and in charge of what happens in said room. This means that when you enter another user’s room, you are subject to their Rules. You should enter the Private Rooms of others at your own risk.

**Please note, the only times that the Wolfhome Administration Team will intervene in private rooms are when safety threats (this includes death threats and self harm threats), hack threats, virus threats, suicide threats are made or the propositioning of a minor occurs.**
How are the Rules enforced, and what is the Ban Ladder? (back to top)
  Wolfhome uses what is called a Ban Ladder. If you break a Rule, your account goes up a rung on the ladder. The more offenses you commit, the harsher the punishment. In most cases you will receive only a Reminder or Warning for a Rule Violation, though there are some rules that call for automatic bans. Reminders will be sent either in a Chat PM or Chat Message, Warnings and Bans will be sent as a Chat Message and E-mail.

Wolfhome's Ban Ladder is set up in a way that ensures all users are treated fairly and not immediately banned. However, not all offenses follow the same Ban Ladder, such as art theft, hacking/death/suicide threats, and impersonation. As its name suggests, the Ban Ladder means that you will take steps leading up to certain punishments. Under normal circumstances, the Ban Ladder follows this format:

1st Infraction: Reminder - A Reminder is given for the first offense you commit or the first offense you commit after your previous probationary period. Please note that some offenses will skip this step on the Ban Ladder and result in a Warning or even a Ban.
2nd Infraction: Naughty Gram ("NG"/E-mail Warning) - An NG or Naughty Gram is a warning message that is both e-mailed to you and sent through chat message. You will receive it if you break a rule within four months of your Reminder. These are sometimes coupled with in-chat Reminders as we try to diffuse the situation as it is happening before realizing you are due for an NG (it takes a few minutes of investigating on the forum).
3rd Infraction: 12 hour Ban - A 12 hour ban is issued if you break another rule within four months of receiving an NG.
4th Infraction: 3 day Ban - A 3 day ban is issued if you break another rule within four months of receiving a 12 hour ban.
5th Infraction: 1 week Ban - A 1 week ban is issued if you break another rule within four months of receiving a 3 day ban.
6th Infraction: 2 week Ban - A 2 week ban is issued if you break another rule within four months of receiving a 1 week ban. They have a refresh rate of six months.
7th Infraction: 1 month Ban - A 1 month ban is issued if you break another rule within six months of receiving a 2 week ban. 1 month bans have a refresh rate of six months.
8th Infraction: Permanent Ban - Permanent Bans are issued if this is the next step on your ban ladder or if you break a rule that immediately results in a Permanent Ban. Permanent Bans may only be appealed after a cooling off period of 30 days and have a probationary period of six months upon release.

You may be asking yourself: What are refresh rates and the probationary period?
Refresh rates are the amount of time it takes for an infraction to fall off of your record. After it has fallen off, it no longer counts against you and is viewed as old and irrelevant. This means that if you were banned for one month and then seven months after you were released you committed another infraction, you would not be banned again. Your ladder has reset and you are on the first step, which is a Reminder. It is based off the most recent prior infraction you have. Probationary periods are technically the same thing, but are used to describe a user's placement on the Ban Ladder. If you break rules during this time, you will move up a rung on the ban ladder.

These are the refresh rates for each step in the ladder:
  • Reminders, NG, 12 hours, 3 days, 1 week - 4 months
  • 2 weeks, 1 month, Perm - 6 months
It is important to know that while you are banned your probationary period does not progress. It would simply go on "vacation mode" while you are banned until you are released.

For example: User A earns their two week ban. They come back, are two months into their probationary period, and commit another infraction they will be banned again, though with a one month ban. Their probationary period is two of six months completed and will not progress to a third month while they are banned. Therefore, when they come back from being banned for the second time, their Ban Ladder will still be at two of six months.

** Please note, if we find that you are purposefully abusing the probationary periods, full action will be taken against your account.**

Can I report someone for an issue offsite? (back to top)
  The Administration will be handling off-site harassment that stems from our Forum or Chat. We will only be handling cases that have sufficient evidence to pin-point offenders. Please make sure that you gather as much information as possible when reporting off-site bullying or harassment to an Administrator. If the harassment does not stem from Wolfhome, we will not handle it. Please contact the relevant Website's Administration if you are experiencing harassment off-site.

**If we have credible evidence of offsite harassment directed towards another Chatlands user appropriate action will be taken, to help prevent further harassment here on site.**
Why can't I get into the chat? (back to top)
  This could be a few different issues. Here are common issues for why you may not be able to log into Wolfhome:

  • There might be a firewall installed that blocks Wolfhome; some home computers, schools, libraries, public Wi-Fi points or businesses use this for additional security.
  • Try clearing or deleting the cache and cookies from your internet browser's options.
  • Currently, Wolfhome is compatible with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Please make sure all of your internet settings and browser settings are correct and up to date.
If you are still facing technical difficulties, please make a post in the Chat & Forum Technical Support thread or open a Problem Ticket and the Technical Department will look into the issue.
How do I report a bug? (back to top)
  If you think you found a problem on Wolfhome, first of all we're sorry, but please be sure to let us know! If possible, you should try to contact an Administrator on the chat or make a post in the Chat & Forum Technical Support thread. Alternatively you can fill out a Problem Ticket. Please be sure to provide as much information as you can when reporting a bug. For example, what web browser were you using (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)? Have you tried any other browsers? Do you have any unusual browser plugins or extensions? Have you tried connecting using "incognito" or "privacy" mode? Have you cleared out your cookies and cache? These additional details can often help us to resolve technical issues more quickly.
How do I report someone on chat? (back to top)
  To report an issue you are currently experiencing on Wolfhome, click the Report Button, located on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. The Report Button shows you a list of all the on duty Administrators on the site. When you report an issue, please remember to save the chat logs so they can be copied into a Wolfhome Message (Map - Messages - Send Message), and sent to the Administrator. Chat logs, which can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, located in the black box, provide evidence of the issue at hand. It is very important that these are saved so the Administrator can properly deal with the issue. If there are currently no Administrators on duty, please fill out a Problem Ticket and provide the chat logs of the situation.

Please see the Administrator Reporting Guidelines for further details and Admin Contact Offsite Guideline for when its appropriate to contact an Administrator offsite. Also check out the Report Tutorial to find out how to handle reports.
How do I rename or delete my account? (back to top)
  To rename your account, go to the Map on the left-hand side of the screen. Under “My Account”, there should be the option to rename your account. Click "Change Username."

If you wish to delete your chat account, you can do so through the Map; on the left-hand side of the screen, you should see a control panel that gives you the option of deleting your account. Look under "My Account" and select "Close My Account." Please note that the Administration does not place bans on accounts per request.
What do I do if I get banned? (back to top)
  If you commit a Rule Violation, your account is subject to a Ban ranging from a small Ban (12 hours) to a Permanent Ban. Once you receive a Ban, information will be sent to your email address regarding why you were banned, and how long it's for. If you receive a Permanent Ban, your email will also come with instructions on how to appeal your Ban. Your Forum Account will be permanently banned as well.

If you wish to appeal a Ban, please be sure to wait a full month after the incident has occurred. Appeals that are created before one month has passed will not be considered. Appeals for Bans can be sent to the Wolfhome Administration through a Problem Ticket. When your appeal has been submitted, the Wolfhome Administration will review it, and an Alpha or Guardian will respond back to you once a decision has been reached. If your appeal is denied, in most cases you may be allowed to send in another appeal after another full month has gone by but, depending on the seriousness of the offense, we may decide that you must wait longer before making an appeal, or you may be told that you are not ever allowed to appeal your Ban. We have this process in place in order for members to discuss their ban civilly if it's felt that the Ban was unwarranted or to apologize for past mistakes if necessary. If a ban appeal is not civil, it will be considered harassment.
What is banhopping? (back to top)
  Banhopping is when someone is currently banned from Wolfhome, but attempts to use or create another account. Attempts to bypass a Ban will result in the new account being banned as well. Each time someone attempts to ban hop, the length of the ban will increase and can eventually lead to a Permanent Ban.
How can I provide feedback? (back to top)
  If you have feedback for us, we'd love to hear from you about how we're doing, or take suggestions for new features. We need your help to make this the best chat that it can be! All we ask is that you give your thoughts politely and respectfully, even if it's criticism. You can post in our Suggestions Section, you can email Underdog, submit an Anonymous Survey, or you can speak with any available Administrator about your ideas or opinions.
How do I report copyright infringement (DMCA)? (back to top)
  If you believe that your artwork or other intellectual property is being used without your permission on a wunderwood LLC site, you may report it by sending us a DMCA Notification.

Please visit the DMCA reporting page for information on how to submit a report and if you have further questions, please contact William Underwood at this address:

If I have a question not listed here, who should I ask? (back to top)
  If you would like to know more about Wolfhome before registering, please e-mail your questions to Or if you have any suggestions or concerns after you have registered, you may contact an Administrator through the Chat or Forums.

That should do it! Have you read both the Rules of Wolfhome and our Terms of Use yet? If not, please do so right away!

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