The Laws of Wolfhome
"I accept you into my pack," said The Guardian.
"But here, you are on my lands,
and you will follow my rules."

Wolfhome is not just a chat, it is a community. In order to best preserve the nonchalant atmosphere of the site, and to also serve the community better, we have established some rules that every member (including the Administration) is expected to follow. We have listed these Rules below, but before you delve into them, there are some things we would like you to keep in mind in order for you to have the best experience on Wolfhome as possible.

While we will be actively enforcing these Rules, we trust that YOU are able to handle the more minor annoyances on your own by way of communication with the other party or by utilizing the Ignore Feature. Communication is key in a community like Wolfhome and we suggest to always be cordial when approaching problems you may have with other users. Remember to treat others how you wish to be treated! However, if this does not work for you, please use the Ignore Feature. The Ignore Feature is a great function of Wolfhome that can immediately alleviate problems you are having with another user.
Be Sure to Read Over the Rules in Full
"But I didn't know!" is not an acceptable excuse on Wolfhome. As soon as you have registered, you have agreed to be subject to these Rules as well as our Terms of Service. Before you register or participate in this site in any manner, you should read the Rules all the way through to ensure you will be able to abide by them. Bans can be as short as 12 hours or longer (even permanent) depending on your behavior and counting strikes. We typically go by the 3-Strikes Rule, but depending on how serious the issue is, a Permanent Ban may be given. So if you receive a Permanent Ban on Chat, your Forum Account will be permanently banned as well. Also, please note that our chat is based in the United States and follows US Laws.
Age Requirement
As of January 1st, 2023, Wolfhome became a Chatlands site for users sixteen years of age or older. Wolfhome established this Rule to ensure that children were not exposed to content above their age level. If you are not sixteen years of age, please do not sign up for Wolfhome. Wolfhome Administrators will permanently ban users under the age of sixteen from this site, whether or not they have parental consent. These users are allowed to return upon turning sixteen years old, but must send in a Problem Ticket appealing their Ban by stating they are now old enough to use Wolfhome.

Also please note when registering for Wolfhome you MUST enter your ACTUAL date of birth so it reflects your actual age. Age Boosting (creating an account with an age higher than your own) will result in a request for your account to be deleted and remade or a Permanent Ban placed if you refuse to comply or found in 18+ rooms.
Account Responsibility
Please bear in mind that you are responsible for whatever happens on your account, so it is advised that you keep your password a secret. If someone uses your account and gets banned, this Ban will count towards you in the future. This includes allowing others to use your e-mail account(s) to gain access to Wolfhome. Be sure to take extra precautions, such as making your password difficult to guess, and utilizing the '!lock' command.
Private Rooms
Owners of a Private Room are responsible for what happens in said room. This means that when you enter another users room, you are subject to their Rules. If you do not like the Rules laid down by the Room Owner, we suggest going to another location. The only times that the Wolfhome Administration Team will intervene in Private Rooms are when safety threats (this includes death threats and self harm threats), hack threats, virus threats, suicide threats are made or the propositioning of a minor occurs.

Opening or entering another person's Private Room on Wolfhome, without their knowledge and without their consent, is not acceptable. Using another's personal room without permission will be considered a form of theft, and said user can be removed from the room and given an official warning. If this occurs, the Room Owner will need to report it to the Wolfhome Administration directly so it can be handled.
Protecting Minors
Wolfhome is extremely serious when it comes to protecting minors. We make every effort to keep this site safe and enjoyable for all users. Adult users (18+) are subject to additional expectations when interacting with underage users. It is unacceptable for any adult user to expose an underage user (minor) to explicit content of any kind. This Rule also covers propositioning minors, exposing them to any Not Safe For Work (NSFW) material, or any other potentially unsafe activities. Anyone caught doing so will be Permanently Banned from ALL Chatlands Sites. Instances of propositioning minors will be reported to the appropriate Internet Service Provider (ISP) and/or local legal authorities.

**A Permanent Ban across ALL Chatlands Sites will be placed for any cases of propositioning a minor/a minor propositioning an adult, or adult users exposing minors to explicit content of any kind.
Profile Content
Any content (music included) that is above the following Guidelines in your profile will be met with a Reminder. If the content is not removed after 24 hours of your next login, an official Warning will be given. If you do not login 72 hours after receiving the Reminder, you will be notified that the Profile Content has been removed via Chat Message, but not given a Warning. After any three subsequent Warnings on the Chat, content in profiles that break these Guidelines will result in a Ban. Usernames that break these Guidelines will be met with an e-mailed Warning. If the username is not changed upon the next login, a Ban will be placed.

We do not allow the usage of drug/paraphernalia usernames. If it is found that you have chosen something within that category, you will be promptly asked to change it within 24 hours.
All Rules below follow the regular Ban Ladder unless otherwise noted after the Rule in italics; however, if the situation is deemed serious enough or a user continuously breaks a single Rule, their punishment may skip rungs in the ladder (even after their ladder is reset).

1.) Inappropriate Content
2.) Spam
3.) Disturbing the Peace
4.) Trolling
5.) Harassment
6.) Administrator Harassment
7.) False Reports & Mini Modding
8.) Mature 18+ Rooms
9.) Multiple Accounts
10.) Safety Threats
11.) Hack & Virus Threats
12.) Propositioning Minors
13.) Art Theft
14.) Scamming

1.) Inappropriate Content (back to top)
While Wolfhome does not abide by established PG-16 Standards, it allows those who are 16 and older, so we ask that you be mindful of those around you when you are having certain conversations or discussions. Illegal URLs and discussing illegal activity is also against our Guidelines.
  • We do not have swearing restrictions in effect; however, we ask that you continue your consideration when using these words. If you have a problem with cursing, please put the user on ignore.

  • If you wish to have adult conversations, please do so in a private setting (private message). We do not allow R-rated content to be discussed or talked about in public. This includes discussing sexual positions, scenarios, or contexts, and linking to shock sites and other inappropriate content. ** Linking to shock sites or porn will result in a Permanent Ban across Chatlands.

  • Controlled substances (including prescription medications and illegal drugs) are allowed to be discussed on Wolfhome as long as it is done in an educational or constructive manner. Discussion of controlled substances without the intent to inform in this way is not allowed as it is a home to all varieties of people. Much like alcohol, we will not allow users under the age of 21 to talk about being under the influence or usage (unless again, it's a medical or educational discussion). Pressuring other users to try controlled substances or glorifying it's use is still against the rules and will be handled appropriately. Also please note that our chat is based in the United States and follows US Laws. Further information can be found here.

  • Subjecting others to or directly linking unfiltered NSFW ("not safe for work") content, such as an image, a gallery, or video, to others is not acceptable. Linking to offsite content that is filtered for viewing audience, for example, content that is only viewable to individuals who have the "NSFW filter" on, is acceptable. **Linking to porn will result in a Permanent Ban across Chatlands.

  • Sheaths are acceptable in artwork if there is no detail, it is a slight bulge and isn't sexualized. Bulges on anthros are acceptable if it is a smooth, round bulge such as the ones present on our crinos poses or on a Ken Barbie Doll; there is no more than one bulge; and there is no indication of a phallic shape. Nipples may only be present on feral artwork on the forum as well as on flat chested characters on anthros. Nipples are NOT permitted on any female identifying character or on any non-flat chest/breast, regardless of the gender.

  • Linking to pirated or otherwise illegal software or websites that harm the viewer's computer.

  • Linking to or publishing images in your profile that may trigger epilepsy.
2.) Spam (back to top)

Spamming the chat by sending numerous messages rapidly (known as flooding) and rapid movement (clicking all over the screen) is not allowed, as this is highly annoying to others of the community. There is no specific limit to how much you can use capitals, although be aware that in online-lingo it is considered "yelling". If it's determined by the Administration that your messages and/or movements are deemed inappropriately excessive to cause annoyance to others, a warning may be given depending on your current Ban Ladder.

To further clarify changing poses rapidly or constantly, singing song lyrics, continuously typing in all caps, gibberish of random letters or numbers excessively used, using emojis excessively are examples of spam.

Those who choose to use the free "!Away" feature, need to keep in mind that your away message must not be too overbearing. For example, if it stretches long enough and takes up a large portion of the room it will be considered a form of spam. This includes using this feature to intentionally disturb other users. The !Away feature is a good place to promote the sales of characters, commissions and any other sales, though we ask that you keep it to ONE link that does not take up two lines. If your Away message is TWO or more lines, you will be asked to drop it down to one line or a link shortener will be requested to be used.

3.) Disturbing the Peace (back to top)
  In most cases disturbing the peace refers to behaving in ways that are upsetting or unsettling to people within the community, causing emotional grief, or trauma. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Creating unnecessary drama to intentionally disturb another user. This includes misrepresenting Administrative action and falsifying Administrative statements.

  • Faking your own, or someone else's trauma (such as death, an accident...etc.). ** Severe DTP such as this will result in a Permanent Ban across Chatlands.

  • Subjects, images or content that can trigger other members of the community (such as talk of: rape, self-harm, suicide, hate group propaganda or extremist speech, etc.). ** Hate group propaganda and extremist speech are taken very seriously and most instances it will lead to serious consequences, such as a Permanent Ban depending on the severity of the situation.

  • The impersonation of anyone other than yourself, regardless of context. ** Impersonation can result in a Permanent Ban across Chatlands depending upon the severity of the situation.
  • Destructive Criticism of any kind, no matter who it is directed toward
  • Public Blacklists of ANY kind and Do Not Interact (DNI) lists of any kind. If there is someone you no longer wish to interact with, we highly encourage you to utilize the Ignore Feature by typing !ignore and the user's name in the chat bar.
4.) Trolling (back to top)
If you go on any Chatlands Sites (Wolfhome, Cats Paw Island, Felicity, etc) for the purpose of harassing, causing grief, being disruptive, disturbing the peace, being vulgar, malicious behavior, etc the punishment will be a Permanent Ban across Chatlands, not just from the site where the incident occurred. Any attempt to deliberately cause strife or to disrupt others on any Chatlands Site will be treated as an attack against all Chatlands Sites.

** Trolling will result in a Permanent Ban across Chatlands.
5.) Harassment (back to top)
  Harassment, which is “to irritate or torment persistently" members of this community, is not acceptable. There are many different types of harassment, but harassment of any kind will not be tolerated on this website. This includes but not limited to:

  • Irritating, annoying or tormenting members of this community persistently through means such as "flaming", "egging on", or "shaming".
  • Uncalled for and inappropriate name calling, racial slurs, inappropriate and hurtful slang (such as terms against homosexuality, racial groups, political affiliations...etc.).
  • Sexual harassment or sexual innuendos. ** Sexual harassment may easily lead to a lengthy ban depending upon the situation.
  • Stalking members of this community. ** Stalking may easily lead to a lengthy ban depending upon the situation.
  • Targeting other users in regards to personal issues or differences. Using the chats to criticize or upset others you have personal differences with is not tolerated.
  • Doxing members of this community (making someone's address, information, identity, or other information public) ** Doxing may easily lead to a lengthy ban depending upon the situation.
  • Uncalled for or negative criticism against your fellow community members.
  • Demeaning an artist for their skills level in artistry (such as mocking, making fun of, or speaking ill of another user and their works of art, literature, etc.).
  • Prejudice against religious or spiritual beliefs and extremist points of view. Please keep these to yourself and do not force them upon others.
  • Naming & Shaming and/or pointing out Art Theft. If you do see Art Theft, please contact a member of the Wolfhome Administration and we will handle it.
  • Cursing at other users if it is done so in a belittling, demeaning, or malicious manner. This includes flipping off other users, a group, or an affiliation with a pose or other image that includes the middle finger. Jokingly cursing at friends or calling them names is allowed in moderation, as long as all parties involved understand that it is in jest. If it is reported to the administration and there is no clear joke intended, action will be taken against your account. Any racial, derogatory, or gender slurs will absolutely not be allowed under any circumstances.
  • Begging in public rooms and/or continuous and repeated solicitation is a type of harassment and could get you kicked from the chat. This also includes continuously posting GoFundMe links in public rooms. All members regardless of their Subscription level, are able to use the !Away feature. We highly suggest using this feature instead of continuously posting links on chat that could result in further action taken against your account. If you have a fundraiser such as PayPal, GoFundMe, or any other fundraising site you must have a forum topic so you are able to post updates on it to where the money is going. If you do not have a forum account and you are posting to receive funds you will go up your ladder accordingly.
  • Using your avatar (pose) to harass others; disturbing them, playing with them against their will, invading others space.
To further clarify, slurs/names that may seem ok to you and not to others, is not allowed. We want everyone on Wolfhome to have a safe, and calm chatting atmosphere. We accept every person as they are no matter where they are from, what they do, what they look like, or what gender/orientation/ etc they are and prefer. If someone asks you to stop calling them a name, nickname, etc, you stop; the same applies if you are asked to use the correct pronouns for each person.

**If we have credible evidence of offsite harassment directed towards another Chatlands user appropriate action will be taken, to help prevent further harassment here on site.**

Wolfhome is not responsible for off-site harassment unless it specifically includes the following: Doxxing, Death Threats, Assault Threats (physical/sexual), or Releasing of Private Information (addresses/phone numbers). If you are being harassed off-site, we suggest blocking that individual immediately. If the harassment contains one or more of what's mentioned, please report it to us with as much information as possible so it can be handled swiftly. 
6.) Administrator Harassment (back to top)
  Wolfhome is a place where respect is highly encouraged and harassment and disrespect is not tolerated. The Wolfhome Administration pitches in a little more than your average user. They accept the job knowing that they may make mistakes, that they may face constructive and negative criticism, and that they take on extra responsibilities without pay. You also accept the responsibilities as a member, knowing that the Administration is not perfect. This also includes:
  • Telling an Administrator that "they suck", or how bad they are at their job
  • Repeatedly asking or harassing Administrators about pending poses, rooms, bans, warnings, disputing bans or idle kicks publicly
  • Repeatedly asking or harassing how to become an Administrator or ask to be made an Administrator
  • Yelling at an Administrator for banning you or someone you know
  • Reuploading rejected poses or rooms multiple times without correction
Do not harass them openly or in any way. If you have a problem with how a Wolfhome Administrator has handled a situation, or with some other aspect of their behavior, please fill out a Problem Ticket, or get in contact with an Alpha.
7.) False Reports & Mini-Modding (back to top)
  While we encourage you to report any suspicious activity you see, in no way do we promote falsely accusing other users. If you make false reports against another user, we will take action against your account instead. So please be respectful of other users and do not purposely try to get them in trouble if they did nothing wrong. Mini-modding, which means a subordinate taking the responsibilities of Administrators in your own hands which can be more hurtful than helpful, and should be avoided. We understand that you may be frustrated by the behavior of others, but please do not take matters into your own hands. Simply save any logs to send to a Administrator and place the other person on your Ignore List.

** False reports automatically result in an NG. However, if it appeared to have good intentions, you will receive a Reminder.
8.) Mature 18+ Rooms (back to top)
Mature 18+ Rooms are for Adults Only. If you are under the age of 18 and are caught changing your account ages to enter these rooms (age boosting), or in any way entering a Mature 18+ Room, whether it be Public or Private you will be Permanently Banned without warning. For further details pertaining to these rooms please see HERE.

Prohibited Content
  • Pornographic videos, artwork, literature, images or themes **Linking to shock sites or porn will result in a Permanent Ban across Chatlands
  • Non-consensual themes and sexual assault themes in writing, artwork, as well as discussions
  • Promoting, describing, and sharing videos/images of self harm & eating disorders
  • Encouraging / Promoting for other users to do drugs & alcohol
  • NSFW real life selfies, videos or anything of the sort
  • Videos containing other explicit content (such as abuse, animal cruelty, pornography, gore, violence)
  • Pirated or otherwise illegal software or websites that harm the viewer's computer
  • Child abuse, pedophilia descriptions and themes in writing, artwork and discussions as well as any explicit online content containing child abuse and pedophilia
  • Describing & discussions of incest
  • Graphic descriptions, depictions of death & dead bodies
  • Discussion, depictions, encouragement, promoting, referencing, artwork, & writings of suicide
  • Themes, depictions & discussions of zoophilia
  • Themes, depictions, & discussions of torture
9.) Multiple Accounts (back to top)
You are allowed to have as many accounts as you wish. Each e-mail can host up to four accounts. However, try not to use multiple accounts in the same room. This is known as "multi-accounting" and is frowned upon because it takes up slots in rooms that other users could use. Multi-accounting is acceptable until the room is more than halfway full or another user has a problem with it. You will then be asked to remove your additional account by an Administrator.
10.) Safety Threats (back to top)
  Safety Threat Rules do not follow the normal Ban Ladder procedure, as ban lengths vary for each safety threat (higher ban lengths may be given if deemed necessary). If a user has made a safety threat or is threatening to harm another user in any way even in a private room, they are still subject to a Reminder/Warning and Bans.

**A Permanent Ban will be placed if the safety threat is deemed serious enough.
Death Threats
Chatlands has zero tolerance for death threats. Talk of killing, how to kill, threatening someone with murder or anything of the sort is not allowed. Death threats made in a joking manner amongst friends, is the only exception to this rule. Keep in mind, if the death threat is deemed too severe / graphic or it's unclear that the threat was made in Role-Play and/or friendly banter, a ban can be placed on your account. Please note that if a Role-Play death threat is deemed too graphic / violent in nature, it will fall under a breach of PG-16 (gore). In regards to private rooms, Administrators will not handle Role-Play death threats unless the user feels that the threat is genuine and they file a report.
Suicide & Self-Harm Threats
As members of a community, we want to look out for one another and be sure that everyone is okay. The Wolfhome Administration does take suicide threats and self-harm threats very seriously, because we want to ensure that our users are safe and have access to help if they need it. Equally, we want to ensure that users who may be triggered are not negatively impacted by this type of talk, which is why we do not allow public discussion of suicide or self-harm threats. Talking about recent self-harm or talk of suicide, either on your behalf or the behalf of someone else on the site, will result in an e-mail being sent with helpful links. This is in order to make sure individuals get the help they need. If talk of suicide or self-harm persists, it will result in warnings or bans being given. The authorities or Internet Service Provider (ISP) may also be contacted if the case is severe.
Rape Threats
We also have zero tolerance for rape threats. Talking of raping, how to rape, or threatening someone with rape is not allowed. This applies to both serious, joking, and role-play contexts.

To further clarify, discussion of current or prior abuse, molestation, eating disorders, violence, etc should not take place on Wolfhome and should be instead taken to a professional or highly trusted adult.
11.) Hack & Virus Threats (back to top)
Threatening to hack or send viruses, or even talking about potentially hacking or sending viruses to another user or website, is not tolerated on this site. We ask that you do not talk about, share tips or tricks, or share links about hacking, sending viruses, or discuss potentially hacking or sending viruses. Even talk of hacking or sending viruses in a joking manner will result in serious action taken, as it is something we must take seriously.

**Hack & virus threats almost always result in an immediate Permanent Ban across Chatlands.
12.) Propositioning Minors (back to top)
  Instances of propositioning minors will be reported to the appropriate Internet Service Provider (ISP) and/or legal authority as possible law enforcement. This also goes for any minor who is caught propositioning an adult. Action will be taken against any minor who does so. This includes but not limited to:

  • Offering minors drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, cybering, yiffing (this includes role-play)

**A Permanent Ban across Chatlands will be placed for any cases of propositioning a minor or a minor propositioning an adult.

PLEASE REMEMBER: The Wolfhome Administration cannot be everywhere at once, so it is up to YOU, as a user, to report any suspicious activity to the Wolfhome Administration Team quickly. We will follow up all allegations as soon as we can, and we will take necessary and appropriate action as required.

As always, WE STRONGLY ADVISE everyone: Do not give out personal contact information such as phone numbers, street address, real life names or the name of your school, any information that helps someone else you met online locate you in real life. No exceptions. Further information can be found here.
13.) Art Theft (back to top)
  Wolfhome has a zero-tolerance policy for art theft which is enforced on both our forum and chat. Art theft refers to the act of taking a piece of artwork, drawing, or photo and wrongfully claiming, selling, or using it as one's own personal work. For further explanation of art theft, please refer to the Wolfhome Art FAQ. For information regarding art theft forum offenses, please visit the Forum Rules #12

Tracing vs. Referencing image guideline gallery
  • Copyright infringement, which is defined as using and falsely claiming ownership of content that you do not own.
  • Using artwork that has been traced or heavily referenced and claiming it as your own work.
  • Selling or trading material that does not belong to you.
  • Using artwork without proper authorization from the original artist, such as not adhering to the artist's request for their work to be kept off of Wolfhome, modifying an image without permission, not properly paying for the artwork before its legal use, or otherwise stealing.

The visual below shows how our ban ladder works when it comes to repeat violations regarding art theft. Please note that longer bans may be imposed if deemed necessary, especially for those with previous offenses.

  • Warning (1st offense) > 3 Day Ban (2nd offense) > 2 Week Ban (3rd offense) > 1 Month Ban (4th offense) > Permanent Ban (5th offense)
14.) Scamming (back to top)
  Scamming is a form of theft and will be treated as such. If it is found that you are scamming by falsely claiming funds are going towards its intended use when they are not; action will be taken against your account which may lead to being permanently removed from the site.
Problem Solving Strategies for Wolfhome (by Underdog)
I want to take a minute to explain how I expect members of Wolfhome to approach problems with another user, whether that other user is a Subordinate, Apprentice, Gamma, Beta or Alpha... The goal is to try and keep the public forums clear of the acrimony that plagued the previous incarnations of Wolfhome. I want to make these suggestions:

1. When you have a problem with some other user, first you need to send a message to that person explaining yourself. Avoid sarcasm or other things that would add more "heat than light". State your case plainly and politely. If someone has done you an injustice, make it clear why you feel that way, but do not make things more complicated by attacking back. Resist the temptation to "tell them off". Try to resolve the problem in a private message.

2. If you are unable to resolve the problem by working directly with the other person, you should escalate it to someone of higher rank. So, for example, if you are a Subordinate and you are having problems with another Subordinate, send a private message to a Gamma about it, or speak with them privately.

3. If escalating to the next level doesn't work, continue to escalate. There's no reason why you have to go through each level, but try to if you can. If all else fails, please do not hesitate to contact me (or another Alpha) directly about problems with an administrator. Be aware that I want to think highly of my team, but that doesn't mean that they are infallible.

4. The main goal is to try to resolve problems without turning it into a public argument. For what it's worth, any time that I see a PUBLIC discussion of some problem that should have been handled in PRIVATE, I tend to be strongly biased against the public debate. So, it serves your purpose to avoid airing "dirty laundry" in public. This means, be discreet and private. PM the Alphas, rather than post a negative topic.

5. If all else fails, and you have moved up the ladder and you decide to take it public, keep in mind that I am not going to cave in to mob rule. I am the Site Owner and what I say is final. I want to keep people happy, but I am going to do what I feel is right, regardless of any public vote.

I believe that the root cause of the collapse of previous incarnations of Wolfhome had to do with arguments on public forums. I do not want to eliminate those, but I want them to be a last resort. Thanks for helping me reach that goal.


Thank you for participating in our site and happy chatting!


Please note that these Rules may be updated as time goes on. All changes will be announced on the Wolfhome Forum under Announcements. By agreeing to abide by these Rules upon Registration, you are responsible for also abiding by any changes made to the Rules. This also includes abiding by the Wolfhome Forum Rules, regarding Rules such as: blacklists, animal transactions and third party selling.

If you are at all confused by these rules, feel free to ask a member of the Administration! Clarification is the best way to avoid issues in the future.

Last updated: June 9th, 2023


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