Lunar Phases

    Volume: 1, Issue: 2

June 2010   

The History of Wolfhome,
Continued – By Timberwolf

After the closing of Wolfhome spring 2006 Underdog was able to take control of the site and started reworking the chat site from a downloadable program to its original web based program. Many of the original features were not reincorporated back into the site because of programming bugs and issues that plagued the original program. Underdog took a more system by system approach to rebuilding the web based site. The chat site was officially reopened using the web base version of Wolfhome on October 2006 – Halloween, as is fitting for the original opening of Wolfhome in October 1999. The reopened site was managed by members from the original web based chat as well as newer administrators from the downloadable version from the Kerfuffle's 'era'.

Because of the site needing a stable base to operate from, Underdog reinstituted the pay for use polices in June 2007 that were part of the original version of Wolfhome. The pay structure was based on the original design in Wolfhome version 1 and there will always be a free user base to allow people to use the site and become familiar with Wolfhome concept. However, to gain use of the privileges such as uploadable private rooms, up loadable avatars, scroll bar and freedom from advertisement a user needed to have a paid account. The advertisements were added to help offset the coast of running the site in order to maintain free accounts. Additionally set in place was the free account limit because of Wolfhomes popularity it was necessary evil that when the site met that limit that free accounts could not log in. Since the reopening of Wolfhome in 2006 Underdog has raised the limit on Free accounts as the site became more stable.

On October 2008 Wizard Chat™  was opened followed by Cat’s Paw Island™ then for October 2009 Midnight Earth™ with a classic movie monster theme opened to celebrating Halloween and uses a more 3D effect. After a year in the development Mystical Realms officially opened on October 2009 at   as part of the new Chatlands™ web site. For more information and progress please check out and see the other projects in the works.  ~ Timberwolf

 Dear users,

Welcome to the second addition of the Wolfhome newsletter, we hope you will enjoyed our first issue published for May 2010. During our upcoming celebration of the Wolfhome anniversary you just might find some of the trivia from the newsletter popping up again. We are developing communications for our users and inform you of activities, resources and changes to your Community. We hope you will join us in developing and contributing to this, our Chatlands. ~ Timberwolf

For members who wish to make posts to the newsletter you may contact our staff members or email us at:

The Wolfhome News Staff are looking into starting a comic strip and would like to use comic strips developed by the members of Chatlands!

Watch for a post concerning this in the Forums

Thank you ~ Timberwolf

Artwork by Shivra


Forum Highlights

On May 23rd, Fellzor started up the Wagtastic Adoption agency. Here, you can pick up all the sizes and colors, personalities and perks you could ever want in a furry friend! The Wagtastic Adoption agency features several different breeds of dogs up for adoption. 100% of the profits are being donated to the SPCA, so you can make your purchase with a light heart. You're sure to find a best friend, and the thread is updated frequently, so check out Fellzor's Wagtastic Adoption Agency!


Do you have a pet? Do you have a pet that you are so fond of; you want to show him or her off to the whole world? can't do that. But you CAN show it off to all of Wolfhome, which is just as good! Check out the “Pets of Wolfhome” thread, founded by Umah!


Now that you've gotten around to browsing the forums a bit, how about some spam? No, I'm not talking about the overly processed, scary canned meat. Try out Dr. Stick's “Slap Yer Keyboard” game. Just give your keyboard a whack, then use the random letters to type out a semi-coherent sentence! Just try not to break your need that for Wolfhome!




The Forum,

One of the fastest growing post threads is found in the game section called COUNT TO 15 BEFORE A ADMIN/MOD POSTS? ;O”,  Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:10 pm.  It currently has a mixed following and was started to pick fun of the administrative team in regards to reading posts. At the time this article was being developed it was at 841 pages with 12, 613 posts to the thread.

The newest member of the forum is Xmex, welcome to the Forum.


Note: Chatlands Deltas™

are the currency used on the
Mystical Realms, chat as well as on Wolfhome™, Cats Paw Island™, Wizard Chat™, Midnight Earth™, our newest site, Serenity, and other sites currently in development.


Large & Animate Plushies - Mythical Category

The Art Staff noticed that recent plushies within poses have been showing more and more movement, effects, and above all else - size. After some discussion between the ART members, we have come to a compromise for this. Rather than rejecting plushie poses because the plushie is too large or has special effects, it will simply be placed under the 'mythical' category and you will not be able to use it in public rooms.

Here are a few reasons why your plushie pose might be placed into the 'mythical' category:
- the plushie is the main focus of the pose
- the plushie is so large that it overwhelms the main character in the pose, or no main character is evident
- the plushie shows movement or special effects
- the plushie shows signs of life

The purpose of this rule is to allow you the freedom to have creative plushies while maintaining our standards that plushies must remain entirely lifeless if you would like to use them publicly. We are all about freedom in private rooms, and we hope that you understand why this rule has been set in place.


Thank you
~ Casanova



The Wolfhome Art Staff:
Astra, BulletGut, Bunny,
Casanova, CheshireSmile, Delfine,
Devaska, Dip, GTWOLF,
Sol, Y0te



Who is this Member of Wolfhome?

In the first issue of Lunar Phases our featured 
user was Howler in his blue wolf fur suite!

Win an iPad at! is launching on June 25th, 2010. In celebration of that launch, they are giving away an iPad to some lucky entrant. That could be YOU! So head on over to, NOW and register to win the iPad. GOOD LUCK!  



When submitting a pose -
room, or object for review, the Art Staff asked that you please supply proof of permission to use uploaded artwork.  as well as any links. You are requested to supply URL links to the source of the artwork either from the artist that gave you permission to use the artwork or from the web site that lists the artwork is free for use. By doing this, you help speed the process up of approval, if you do not supply this information the Art Staff will have to hunt down this information or reject the art work because they cannot verify that you have permission to use the uploaded art work.   If you are the artist who created the uploaded work - please just state that you are Original Artist.  If you are a new artist to Wolfhome, please provide a link to a public art gallery where we can confirm the information and the Art Staff can become familiar with your art. By supplying this information you also assist the Art Staff in recognizing your work and be better able to identify unauthorized uploads.

Chenneoue – edited by Timberwolf

Administrative Promotions – Who is Who

List of current promotions to the Wolfhome team

None this time

BulletGutz - 05/05/2010
Casanova - 05/24/2010
Kiche - 05/24/2010
Ricenoodle - 05/24/2010
Suspria - 05/24/2010

Orez - 05/17/2010
Avani - 05/18/2010
Patchii - 05/18/2010
Selendris - 05/18/2010
Taku - 05/18/2010
NightSpiritWing - 05/18/2010

Tattoos and piercings!
In 2009 we had a question looking for how many users had piercings and tattoos!

~ Timberwolf

How many piercings do you have?

1-10  87%  [ 45 ] x
15-20  10%  [ 5 ]
20 +  4%  [ 2 ]

Calendar of Events

'New England Meet'

Description: A wicked New England meet will be held for WolfHome members close to the New England area and beyond! This event will be taken place in Boston, Massachusettes. The reason for this meet is to get to know one another from a different prospective other than a computer screen or phone. I hope new friendships and a better understanding of one another will outcome from this event!

Place: Boston, Massachusettes
Dates and Times: It will start Saturday August 7th-August 9th or longer for those who want to stick around! Times will be determined at a later time!

Contact persons:
603-496-7937(verizon cell phone and its prepaid so If you get some sort of message I probably didnt pay it yet!) <Always on there!

NightSpiritWing < For Hotel Information!

For More Information click the link below!

Events are posted as a courtesy to our users and are not associated to Wolfhome, Chatlands and Wunderwood LLc

Welcome to Wolfhome Administrative Team:

 Alphas: Underdog (Chat owner) and Razrback (Bill's programming partner)

Wolfhome Site Alphas: Fancy, Kina, RedFoxx, Shadowtigress, Silver, Vladimir

Wolfhome Site Betas: Astra, BulletGutz, Bunny, Casanova, CheshireSmile, Devaska, FreeWolf, GTWOLF, Katanya, Kiche, RiceNoodle, ScatteredFL, Sol, Suspria, Taishi, Timberwolf, WendigoWolf

Wolfhome Site Gammas: Amable, Avani, BugFinder, Catspaw, Cyclops, Dip, Eluned, Frolique, Fumetsu, LucanWolf, Nightspiritwing, NightStar, Orez, PATCHii, Selendris, Shivra, ShortCircuit, Taku, Vual

Wolfhome Site Admin Assistants: Silence, Y0te

The Lunar Phase staff is looking for input from the users, artists and advertisers; please send your comments, ideas and article suggestions to  

Newsletter Team:
BulletGutz – Wolfhome
Dip – Wolfhome
NightSpirtwing – Wolfhome
Patchii – Wolfhome
Shivra – Wolfhome
Siren – Wolfhome
Timberwolf – Wolfhome - Wizard Chat™

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