Volume 1 Issue 3

Dear Members, Welcome to the third edition of the WolfHome newsletter. Covering the time from October to now. We hope you will enjoy our effort to bring you some communications from around WolfHome, and news about the Chatlands™ community. We just had a very successful anniversary and Halloween competition. Which has been included in this issue. We hope you will join us in developing and contributing to this, our Chatlands™.

~Newsletter Team

For members who wish to make posts tot he newsletter, you may contact our staff members or e-mail us at: wolfhomenewsletter@gmail.com

The WolfHome news staff are looking into starting a comic strip and would liket o use the comic strips developed by the members of Chatlands™!

Watch for posts concering this in the forums. Thank you!

From WolfHome and all the other ChatLand Sites!

Screenshot by Kain

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Well everyone, Christmas is nearly here! A lot of you are out of school for a couple weeks, and perhaps you are spending some of that time on Wolfhome. This is a great time to show just how much Christmas spirit you have! Plenty of it is already going around, what with Leski's Christmas Pose Swap Thread, and all the gifts being given around from friends to friends. Best of all are those that are giving gifts to people who aren't friends. So with all this kindness going around I'd like to ask you to continue this spirit of giving and friendship. Help those less fortunate. If someone needs a pose colored...why not give them a hand for free? Give a person that doesn't have a lot of money to spend free permission for one of your poses. If you're really generous, make someone's day by handing over a delta. Try doodling a picture for someone you don't know, or make one for a friend and surprise them with it! Make friends with someone new. And be especially welcoming to the new members of Wolfhome by showing them what a great place this is! Merry Christmas to everyone and keep up holiday cheer!




Serenity Chat Site News:

Serenity is a 2D graphical chat site, and membership is available by invitation only. When you request for an invitation to register an account, you will be directed to the Waiting Room. You will need to supply your ate and e-mail address. You must be 18 years or older to be granted access to this chat. This site is based on personal avatar characters similiar with what you have become familiar with on WolfHome and the other ChatLand sites. There is no role-playing in this site, the objective of the developers is to create a calm, mature social chat enviroment, and a close knit community. Serenity is currently off-line for reconstruction, but is expected to be available again soon.

The Waiting Room: http://serenityisles.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=39

Name Changes, Keeping Informed!

A reminder from the Art Review Team-

This is very important. If you are an artist making poses, you must keep your name changes up to date so that poses uploaded from you can be properly identified. The same goes for member. If you change your name, the artist needs to know so that they can keep up with their approved name list for their pose permissions. We now have the ability for you to add notes to the poses in the uploader. These notes should include a valid link to the artist making the pose, or at the very list the name of the artist, and an explination as to why the you have permission to use the pose(s) you uploaded. Failure to supply this information will lead to the pose being rejected, and possible ban for art theft. The forum link below is one place you need to post name changes to. This helps everyone in keeping track of name changes, and the ART with pose approvals.


The WolfHome Art Review Team (ART):

Astra, Casanova, CheshireSmile, Devaska, GTWolf, Ricenoodle, ScatteredFL, Shivra, Wendigowolf, Y0te

WolfHome Administrative Team:

Alphas: BulletGutz, Fancy, Underdog (chat owner), Razorback (partner), Redfoxx, Silver, Sol

Betas: Avani, CheshireSmile, Casanova, Devaska, GTWolf, Katanya, RiceNoodle, ScatteredFL, Selendris, Skywolf, Taishi, Timberwolf, and Wendigowolf

Gammas: Amable, Astra, Azreil, BugFinder, Catspaw, Cyclops, Dip, Eluned, Firekeeper, Frolique, Fumetsu, Nightspiritwing, Orez, Scarlet, Sessgo, ShadowTigress, Shivra, ShortCircuit, Silence, Sitara, Taku

Admin Assistants: LucanWolf, Y0te, Vladimir




Calender Events

No announcements at this time.

Who's Who - Administrative Promotions

List of promotions since the last newsletter.

Bulletgutz: 10/12
Sol: 10/12

Skywolf: reinstated 10/14
Suspria: reinstated 10/14


Azriel: 11/23
Dip: 11/10
Firekeeper: 11/10
Ice: 11/03
Scarlet: 11/06
Sessgo: 11/30
Sitara: 11/14
Solitaire: 11/06

We would like to take a moment and thank Vladimir for her time and service she provided as a WolfHome Alpha. Thank you! We hope you enjoy the reitrement!

Vladimir stepped down as a part of the administration team on 11/30.


Listed below are the winners for the Halloween contests. Click the names to view the images or stores that correspond with that individual's winniner submission. If there is more then one image or story associated, they will be listed beside the entrant's names. If there is a tie between individuals, both names will be listed by their place.


Halloween Pose Mod

1st Place: Shadowrunner 1 2 3
2nd Place: Kat
3rd Place: Silika and PerryShadows

Dress up the Guardian!

1st Place: Kitrax and Lock
2nd Place: SilverSkyWolf
3rd Place: Leski

Halloween Comic

1st Place: Taktia
2nd Place: Fellzor




Spooky Story

1st Place: Wasabi
2nd Place: Meredelain
3rd Place: Azriel

Halloween Original Pose

1st Place: Azriel 1 2
2nd Place: Rexy
3rd Place: Takatia

Most Unique
1st Place: Murdoc 1 2 3
2nd Place: Kurona
3rd Place: Takatia 1 2 3

1st Place: Kahira
2nd Place: WhiteFire
3rd Place: Deathrow

1st Place: Fellzor
2nd Place: Datsuk
3rd Place: Kurona

Halloween Room

1st Place: Amarano
2nd Place: Grim
3rd Place: Ravendarkstar

Halloween Trivia

1st Place: Takatia
2nd Place: Azriel
3rd Place: Areno

Halloween Pumpkin

1st Place: Lei
2nd Place: Takatia
3rd Place: Kurona





HA HA HA! Funny Chat Logs!

WHBeta: ADULTS ON WOLFHOME??????????????

WolfHomeNoob 1: WolfHomeNoob2 is being meat!
WolfHomeNoob 1: mean
WolfHomeNoob 1: its 10 in the morning!
Beta 1: what are they saying?
WolfHomeNoob 1: i've got dieria
Beta 1: i can't help you with that! good luck though!

WolfHomeNoob 1: you cute!
Beta 1:: thanks!
WolfHomeNoob 1: you a girl right!
Beta 1: a married woman, thanks!
WolfHomeNoob 1: are you really an adult!
Beta 1:yes, i am!
WolfHomeNoob 1: why are you playing this game?
Beta 1: because this chat is for all ages
WolfHomeNoob 1: just left
Beta 1: giggles a bit!!!


You know when you've been on WolfHome too long when...

Screenshot by xReno


The Trails of Being a Leviticus

By Casanova

leviticus, n. definition: a lone wolf with distorted physical traits, making it both unpleasant to look at, and unappealing for the other wolves to see as a potential mate.

Not many wolves realize how difficult it is to be a leviticus. A leviticus often wanders the outskirts of the WolfHome, greeting wolves that come by, but never being quite impressive enough to keep their attention. Here is a recent sighting of a leviticus and it's woes!


Want to keep following the trails of leviticus? See the thread on the forums: http://forum.wolfhome.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=50557

Other Fun Threads:

"Count to 15 before an Admin/Mod posts!"

Resourceful links:

Contests, Area of the Forum for people looking to join or make a contest.

Critques and Redlines, section of the forum for people seeking help or willing to help in the art making process.

"Locations" Great thread, if you are planning on a howl or gathering.

WolfHome Markets




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Seasons Greatings, Screenshot by Kain

Attack the wall screenshot by xReno

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