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Dear Members, Welcome to the first issue of the second volume of the Wolfhome newsletter! This issue covers the time from the last issue, January to March of 2011. We hope that you enjoyed the last issue, with the new look, and that you will continue to enjoy our efforts to bring you the latest news from Wolfhome and the Chatlands™ community. We hope you will join us in developing and contributing to this, our chat lands.

~Newsletter Team

For members who wish to make posts to the newsletter, you may contact our staff members or e-mail us at:
The Wolfhome news staff are looking into starting a comic strip and would like to use the comic strips developed by the members of Chatlands™!
Watch for posts concering this in the forums. Thank you!

Full House

During the last few months, there have been complaints of issues with logging in. Sometimes this could be a bug. But in this case, Wolfhome is growing! Wolfhome has become a rather popular place and sometimes cannot house everyone that wishes to get on. In order to help with lag and other issues, there has been a cap placed ont he number of free users that can log on. Currently, the number is set at 300.

What does this mean? This means, if you do not pay for your account, and there are already 300 members on, and you have a free account, you will not be able to log on until the number drops below 300. If you are a paying member, there is no need to worry, you will always be able to access Wolfhome. If you are experiencing other issues with logging on, please make sure you contact an admin, fill out a problem ticket, or check the Chat and Forum Techincal Support area for help.

Reporting Art Theft - A Reminder

Please remember that when reporting art theft, doing it publically via the forum is not tolerated! It is the same as publically posting about how a user harassed you, or said or did something you did not like.

We have found in the past that "naming and shaming" has caused upset and flaming (even amongst those not accused), especially when the accused is in fact innocent. We aim to have a more welcoming attitude and thus we discourage the "naming and shaming" policy.

Wolfhome also has the policy that users deserve privacy, even when breaking a rule. It makes our job harder as admins if the user has been accused outright, as they may remove the images or any evidence of stolen works. While we do see the bonuses of it being pointed out in public, it can cause even more issues if it is left unchecked in the public domain. Due to the high volume of posts and threads made everyday some may be missed, sadly we cannot always keep up with everything on the boards. Contacting us directly will ensure that the art theft will be stopped ASAP.

There are many ways to report art theft, the quickest of which is to PM/send an in chat message to a member of the ART or Forum Department. A list of admins and their roles can be found here. Other methods include emailing the ART directly at wolfhomeart @ (no spaces), contacting an ART or forum member in chat or filling out a problem ticket (there is link to this on the home page).

Continue reading the rest of the article at this link.


Whos Who - Adminstrative Changes

List of promotions and retires from last newsletter.

  Selendris: 12/15

  Fumetsu: 1/5
  Suspria/Rhode: 1/6
  Taku: 1/5
  Vladimir: 2/13

  Kina: 1/28

Retired: Silver, SkyWolf, Y0te     [thank you for your help! --UD]

Wolfhome Administrative Team:

Alphas: BulletGutz, Fancy, Razorback (partner), Redfoxx, Selendris, Sol, Underdog (chat owner)

Betas: Avani, Casanova, CheshireSmile, Devaska, Fumetsu, GTWolf, Katanya, RiceNoodle, ScatteredFL, Suspria/Rhode, Taishi, Taku, Timberwolf, Vladimir and Wendigowolf

Gammas: Amable, Astra, Azreil, BugFinder, Catspaw, Cyclops, Dip, Eluned, Firekeeper, Frolique, Kina, Nightspiritwing, Orez, Scarlet, Sessgo, ShadowTigress, Shivra, ShortCircuit, Silence, Sitara

Admin Assistants: LucanWolf

The Wolfhome Art Review Team (ART):

Astra, Casanova, CheshireSmile, Devaska, GTWolf, Ricenoodle, ScatteredFL, Shivra, Wendigowolf

Resourceful links:

Contests, Area of the Forum for people looking to join or make a contest.

Screenshot by xReno

Critques and Redlines, section of the forum for people seeking help or willing to help in the art making process.

"Locations" Great thread, if you are planning on a howl or gathering.

" Permissions Section" A place to post permissions to artwork and poses sold or allowed others to use. One topic per user, please!

" Suggestions" Have an idea on how to improve you chat experience. Here's the place to suggest it. Please make sure you search before you post. Someone may have already posted a similar idea.

Wolfhome Markets


Meet the Administrative Team

We would like you to meet the administrative team of Wolfhome that is here to help you by maintaining a safe environment on chat. Here is are a few of the current administration and a little bit of information about them.

Selendris (Alpha): Howls ! I am a 30 year old Wolf Therein living in Germany. I am an Archeologist specialized in Celtic and Roman culture. I enjoy taking long walks, quite a lot of sportive things, Animals, Nature, anything Medieval, Larp, SCA... there's a lot really. I've been hanging around this place for over a good decade now and still enjoy roaming the Chat always hunting for some good conversations and new acquaintances. So don't be afraid to ask me anything. I don't bite!

Katanya (Beta): Hey there :D, My real name is Jess and I live up in Canada :D, I am going to school for Web Programming and am going into my second semester in the fall :), Not much to tell. Talk to me I am super friendly and like meeting new people :D

Firenze (Gamma): Hey, I'm Firenze, previously known as Ice. Been on WH since 1999, so I know my way around. I'm a 26 year old therian currently living in Quebec, Canada and working as a glorified tech support. I love art, nature, anything before the 70's, vintage cars and so forth. I have a weird fondness for fungus, reptiles, Phasmatodea and hickory horned devils. I'm an artist and a nerd, quite friendly but shy. If you want to know more, have a question or just simply need to talk, don't hesitate to contact me. :)

To learn more on the other team members, please check out the article "Meet the Administrative Team" on the forum.

Screen shot by xReno
Have something funny to share? Try posting to the forums or e-mailing us.


By Takatia

Iditarod – 2011
Starts March 5, 2011

Copyright ©2008 Iditarod Trail Committee
A printable copy of the map can be printed or down loaded from the site!
The 2011 Mush follows the odd year maps.


The 2011 Iditarod will start at Anchorage Alaska on March 5, 2011 and the projected mileage of 1,131 miles through the wilds of Alaska ending 10 to 17 days later in Nome, Alaska. The Iditarod Trail is now a National Historic Trail and has its beginnings as a mail and supply route. The Trail has been made famous when during the 1925 outbreak of Diphtheria in Nome, Alaska when groups of dog mushers relayed Diphtheria serum to the stricken Town. The dog teams consist of 12 to 16 dogs and their mushers and will travel the estimated 1,131 miles. Currently there are 62 mushers registered to start on March 5th, the mush list include 4 from Canada, 1 from Norway, 1 From Jamaica and 1 musher from Norway. There are 49 Veteran Mushers, 13 Rookies Mushers starting as of 02/06/2011. Of this starting group there are 25 women and 47 men. ~Timberwolf

The Iditarod Web site:
Maps and checkpoints:
For Iditarod Broadcasts please check out:


Wendigowolf needs our help!
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to see what you can do.
    Poses by Crisis $5 custom quad, $6 anthro, $3 greyscale, $2 outline. 1-3 weeks. Also full-body ($20) or bust ($10)
Please be aware that the Wolfhome team is not responsible for the accuracy of these ads, or for disputes between parties.


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Thanks to the Newsletter Team, and their hard work!
Chenneoue, FireKeeper, TimberWolf, Underdog
[Note- If you see them around, please be sure to thank them personally! --UD]

"Full" by H. Kyoht Luterman (Contains some material that maybe over PG13)

Derp screenshot by xReno

"Daddy Kerr Lovins" screenshot by xReno

Cat pose question screenshot by Takatia

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