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Dear Members, welcome to the third issue of the second volume of the Wolfhome newsletter! This issue covers the time from the last issue, from late April to late June of 2011. We hope you've enjoyed the last issue and that you will continue to enjoy our efforts to bring you the latest news from the Wolfhome and Chatlands community. We ask that you will join us in developing and contributing to this, our chat lands.

~Newsletter Team

For members who wish to submit content to the newsletter, you may contact our staff members or e-mail us at:
*Notice: Please do not contact the above address if you are having techincal issues or have been banned from the site. This is a separate e-mail that is dedicated to the newsletter only. Please use the problem ticket option, forum, or contact and admin directly with your issues. Thank you!

New Guardians!

We'd like to announce, we have new Guardians! " Guardianess", a cross fox designed by Chenneoue took first place in the new guardian contest, and will now be accompanying the Guardian on his regular duties and site appearances! However, she is not alone. The runners up in the contest were Lycaon (Mexican wolf by Uruou) and Vesuvius (wolf by Chemically).

We'd like to thank all of the members that joined in creating new designs, and the admins for making the final cut. We hope this new guardians will bring new life to the site as we progress through the years.

Each of these will have a role to play in and around Wolfhome, and there maybe more to come. Guardianess, a mischievous little fox, is a good friend to the original guardian. Watch out for that stick! Another friend is Lycaon, the Mexican wolf. He and the guardian met in the kindergarten room of all places and hit it off. There's a good chance he will now be stuck with baby sitting from now on. However, little is known on Vesuvius. Being a fire guardian, he will probably keep things interesting. Watch out for this group!

Again, thank you for all that participated. And stay tuned for more contests!

ART's Rule Changes and Reminders

Hello everyone! The Art Review Team of Wolfhome would like to make an announcement regarding some recent changes to art-related rules on the Wolfhome chat and forums.

As of April 15th, 2011, ALL artists that wish to sell artwork on Wolfhome are required to have a Terms of Service posted publicly. We have created a special sub-forum for this purpose ( Please make sure you read the guidelines before posting! We have created some pre-made ToS for your convenience, if you wish to use them! Please remember to link your ToS in any new thread you create when selling artwork; threads posted after April 15th, 2011, that lack a ToS will be removed. Thank you for your cooperation.

After much debate, we have decided that all poses that lack a defined muzzle, or that have human-like faces, will no longer be accepted under the Wolfhome category. This mainly effects "anime-style" anthro poses. You may have already noticed some of your poses being accepted under the "domestic-feline" or "human" categories. Modifications of the poses that create a longer, more canine-like muzzle may allow them to be accepted as Wolfhome-category, but please make sure the original artist allows modifications!

Furthermore, the art team would like to remind everyone that poses with floppy ears are not acceptable for the Wolfhome-category. As such, these poses will automatically be moved into the "domestic-canine" category.

If you have any questions or comments regarding these or any other ART-related rules, please feel free to contact any member of the ART team, or send an email to!

Wolfhome needs you!

Wolfhome needs members to bug test using the chat with the browsers: IE9, FireFox 3.0 and 3.5, Chrome, and Safari. For more details and where to report, please go to the forums here!

Welcome and Congrats Event Team!!!

This June saw the selection of Grim, Luce, Doctre, Pulse, AkaiKaze, Juke and Twistedd to participate on the Event Committee to help develop activities on Wolfhome. The Event Committee arranges events for community participation, including but not limited to: WH Awards, Member of the Month, Holiday Events, Competitions and so much more.

Whos Who - Adminstrative Changes

List of promotions and retires since the last newsletter.

No new promotions

Azreil: 4/24
Firekeeper: 4/23
Freewolf: 6/10

Pixie: 4/26
Sandhya: 6/8
Silence: 4/26

Retired: CheshireSmile, Firenze, Fumetsu, Jenova, Mister

Wolfhome Administrative Team:

Alphas: BulletGutz, Fancy/Fleur, Razorback (partner), Redfoxx, Selendris, Sol, Underdog (chat owner), Vladimir

Betas: Astra, Azreil, Casanova, Devaska, Firekeeper, Freewolf, GTWolf, Mohegan, RiceNoodle, ScatteredFL, Taku, Timberwolf, Wendigowolf

Gammas: BugFinder, Cyclops, Darknation, Dip, Kiche, Kina, Leski, Orez, Pixie, Sandhya, Scarlet, Sessgo, Shivra, ShortCircuit, Silence, Siren, Sitara (Korra on forums), Takatia

Admin Assistants: Catspaw, LucanWolf, Rhode, ShadowTigress, Taishi

Art Review Team (ART):

Astra, BulletGutz, Casanova, Devaska, GTWolf, Mohegan, Ricenoodle, ScatteredFL, Shivra, Sol, Wendigowolf

Event Team:

AkaiKaze, Doctre, Grim, Juke, Luce, Pulse, Twistedd

Forum Department:

Azriel, Casanova, Devaska, Firekeeper, Kiche, Orez, Ricenoodle, Sessgo, ScatteredFL, Siren, Taku, Timberwolf

Resourceful links:

"Artist TOS Forum" This section is for both artist's and whomever is curious of an artist's TOS. As of April 15, artist are required to post your TOS here so that others may reference it.

" How to Survive Being a Newb"

"Permissions Section" A place to post permissions to artwork and poses sold or allowed others to use. One topic per user, please!

Problem Ticket Please submit a problem ticket with this link, if you are having any techincal issues, ban questions, or other issues. These go directly to the administration team.

"Species" Can you use it? If you've seen a species that you'd like to use, commission, or just curious about, here is a link to a collection of original species, their owners, and allowed uses.

"Suggestions" Have an idea on how to improve you chat experience. Here's the place to suggest it. Please make sure you search before you post. Someone may have already posted a similar idea.

Wolfhome Markets


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Wolfhome Yearbook

Interested in having you main character in a yearbook? A group of Wolfhome members came up with the idea, and are orgainizing the first ever Wolfhome yearbook! Here are some guidelines:

*A picture of your main character or character with plushies.
*Must have your name on the image.
*If the image is not by you, you must give credit; either in the image or next to it.

If you'd like to read more, or post your yearbook picture, please check this thread out!

Criticism Etiquette

One thing that I have noticed a LOT, whether here on Wolfhome or other websites, is how poorly people cope when their artwork, opinions, behavior, etc. is critiqued, criticized, or otherwise commented on. No one likes to be wrong. Even more so, no one likes to be pointed out when they're wrong, especially when they may not see things in the same way as someone else. Likewise, many people get extremely defensive when they're criticism is criticized, or worse, rejected.

All of this can be avoided by some basic rules, both for the critique and the critiqued... read more on giving and recieving cristicism.


Submitted by Shadowfurwarrior

Success of a Founding and Community Artist: GoldenWolf

Many of you may or may not know who this artist is. Christy Grandjean, also known as Goldenwolf or GoldenWolfen (Goldie for short) was the original artist of Wolfhome and has been a active community artist sense 1999. Although her original online start was in 1996. After her second start with the online community in 96, she soon connected with Gre7g (original coder of Wolfhome) and featured her art on his site, The Temple of Luna. Soon after this, later in 99, the two of them began designed what we now know as Wolfhome. The original concept (according to the artist) was to create a place that combined artwork and animal spirituality/therianthropy in a chatroom setting.

Golden was responsible for the design of the pages, the guardian, and upkeep of the artwork and standards for the site. Unfortunately, this also won her a sometimes bad rap around the site and community. Naming her an "Art Nazi". On the flip side, she also became known as an "Art Goddess". Drawing both wanted and unwanted attention. Which would later play a role in her leaving the site.

Down the road a third member joined in, Underdog, and site then later formed 'A 1000 Words." From there, she developed her own private chat, which unfortunately did not last, and all together left the Wolfhome and chat scene, and other were left to take her place to control the art department. For more history on Wolfhome, please check out WikiFur for other details.

During this time, she began to promote her artwork more online and wanted her own domain name. At the time, and still, has not available so she adopted the name Goldenwolfen, which she used for her website. To this day she still owns, maintains and recently updated the layout to her site. She also holds several other galleries online, including FurAffinity, Epilogue, Elfwood and Fine Art America.

Goldie's art really started becoming more and more successful. She began visiting conventions and promoting her artwork. At one convention she managed to sell a piece called "Eyes of Night" for $10,000. She admits she hasn't been able to meet or exceed that price on another piece, but has many other achievements, and hopes to have more in the future. Sometime during this, she decided to start pursuing her art for a living and giving up her conventional line of work, mainly in customer service type jobs. Which I am sure help plays a role in her sales, but also due her a friend, Sandra. With her help, Goldie was becoming even more successful.

Christy's first experience with being published was actually through her high school newspaper. Sense then she has had various people licensed her work, has won various awards and has a few T-shirts with The Mountain. More recently, and perhaps one of her biggest accomplishments so far was with MTV. Where she was commissioned for artwork that would be featured on their new show "Teen Wolf". It's sometimes hard to believe that someone that helped and is responsible for creating the site we know and love is making it big time. And it's happening!

But, she hopes not to stop there. For her, this is only the beginning, and "the sky is the limit!"


300 by 500 max
X-Large Banner: $1.50-$2.00

Ex: Small banner $.50
300 by 100? max

Ex: Large banner $1.00
300 by 200 max

Please be aware that the Wolfhome team is not responsible for the accuracy of these ads, or disputes between parties.

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Comic screenshot by Shadowfurwarrior

Success of a Founding and Community Artist: Goldenwolf
Article by Chenneoue, special thanks to Goldie for taking the time to answer all the questions! More information on Goldenwolf can be found here.

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