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Dear Members, Welcome to the 3 Volume, Issue 2 of the Wolfhome newsletter! This issue covers the time from the last issue, from late April to June of 2012. We hope you've enjoyed the last issue and that you will continue to enjoy our effort to bring you the latest news from Wolfhome and the Chatland community. We ask that you will join us in developing and contributing to this, our Chatlands.

~Newsletter Team

For members who wish to submit content to the newsletter, you may contact our staff members or e-mail us at:
*Notice: Please do not contact the above address if you are having technical issues or have been banned from the site. This is a separate e-mail that is dedicated to the newsletter only. Please use the problem ticket option, forum, or contact an admin directly with your issues. Thank you!

Welcome to the Event Committees new contest inspired by this years 2012 Olympics hosted in London!

What is the purpose of this contest?
Those who compete are to illustrate the event in which they would like to enter!
Ex: If I want to compete in the basketball event, then I would draw my character doing something basketball related.

How many sports events can I enter?
You may enter more than one sports event.

How will our entries be judged?
Winners will be chosen by their creativity.

What forms of art are allowed?

  • Digital
  • Traditional
  • Animation
  • Photomanipulation
See something else you'd like to do? Suggest it to us!

Are there any rules?

  1. Entries must be your own form of art.
  2. Photomanipulation entries must use proper stocks.
  3. Colorings, traced art, art not made by you in general is not allowed.
  4. No scribbles, doodles, unfinished art, etc.
  5. Can include friends' characters.
  6. Have fun and be creative!

That all sounds great, but what do I get if I win?

  1. A medal, of course!
  2. A possible forum title & feature on the homepage
  3. Deltas

Fencing | Participants: Harlequin, Purfy
Football | Participants:
Hockey | Participants: Mocco, Shanzi, Tate, KeyKey
Gymnastics | Participants: Harlequin, Fayleh
Swimming | Participants: JuiceBox
Softball | Participants: Starlight, Oncyte, Kurani, JuiceBox
Tennis | Participants:
Table Tennis | Participants: Starlight
Volleyball | Participants: Patience, Purfy
Weightlifting | Participants: America



Whos Who - Administrative Changes

List of promotions and retires since the last newsletter.

Azriel - 5/30

Avani - 5/30

No new promotions

Retired: Fancy

Wolfhome Administrative Team:

Alphas: Azriel, BulletGutz/Colossith, Cheshiresmile, Firekeeper, Razorback (partner), RiceNoodle, Selendris, Underdog (chat owner)

Betas: Astra, Avani, Bunny, Casanova, Darknation, Freewolf, Leski, Mohegan, Rapture, RedFoxx, Sandhya/Sirocca, ScatteredFL, Siren, Suspria, Takatia, Timberwolf, Versailles, Wendigowolf

Gammas: BugFinder, Cyclops, Decoy, Devaska, Ham/Binky, Juke, Kiche, Lock, NightSpiritWing, Orez, Pixie, Romeo, Saebre, Sessgo, Shivra, Silence, Sitara (Korra on forums), Sola/Slver, Tear, Vladimir

Admin Assistants: Kina

Art Review Team (ART):

Bunny, Casanova, Cheshiresmile, Colossith, Leski, Mohegan, Ricenoodle, Saebre, ScatteredFL, Shivra, Siren, Sitara/Korra, Suspria, Takatia

Event Team:

AkaiKaze, Altair, Ariii, Bacardi, Collide, Crisis, Grim, Heyl, Juke, Pulse

Forum Department:

Avani, Azriel, Casanova, Darknation, Decoy, Devaska, Kiche, Leski, Orez, Rapture, Sessgo, ScatteredFL, Siren, Slver/Sola, Takatia, Tear, Versailles, Wendigowolf

Resourceful links:

Artist TOS Forum - This section is for both artist's and whomever is curious of an artist's TOS. As of April 15, artists are required to post their TOS here so that others may reference it.

Permissions Section - A place to post permissions to artwork and poses sold or allowed others to use. One topic per user, please!

Problem Ticket - Please submit a problem ticket with this link, if you are having any technical issues, ban questions, or other issues. These go directly to the administration team.

Species - Can you use it? If you've seen a species that you'd like to use, commission, or just curious about, here is a link to a collection of original species, their owners, and allowed uses.

Suggestions - Have an idea on how to improve your chat experience? Here's the place to suggest it. Please make sure you search before you post. Someone may have already posted a similar idea.

Wolfhome Markets - A place to buy, sell, and trade!


By the Way, Did You Know?

Paparazzi (singular: (m) Paparazzo Italian: [papa'rattso] or (f) Paparazza) is an Italian term used to refer to photojournalists who specialize in candid photography of athletes, celebrities, politicians, and other prominent people. Paparazzi tend to be independent contractors, unaffiliated with any mainstream media organization. Paparazzi photographers are often described as an unacceptable annoyance by celebrities.

Paparazzi are reported to be rude, pushy and ignorant. Many celebrities complain about the extent to which paparazzi invade their personal space, and some have even filed restraining orders against them.

In other languages:
A transliteration of "paparazzi" is used in several languages that do not use the Latin alphabet, including Japanese, Korean, Russian and Thai. Chinese uses "", meaning "puppy squad."


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