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Dear Members, Welcome to the second Volume, Issue 6 of the Wolfhome newsletter! This issue covers the time from the last issue, from mid October to the end of Novemeber 2011. We hope you've enjoyed the last issue and that you will continue to enjoy our effort to bring you the latest news from Wolfhome and the Chatlands™ community. We ask that you will join us in developing and contributing to this, our Chatlands.

~Newsletter Team

For members who wish to submit content to the newsletter, you may contact our staff members or e-mail us at:

*Notice: Please do not contact the above address if you are having technical issues or have been banned from the site. This is a separate e-mail that is dedicated to the newsletter only. Please use the problem ticket option, forum, or contact an admin directly with your issues. Thank you!

Character Disputes (link to forum)

Attention Wolfhome Users!

If you are having an issue with a character being taken back or with wanting to take it back from someone, the ART is no longer going to be involved. We will no longer be the ones going out of our way to communicate and try to resolve issues. Instead, it will be up to you, as mature users, to resolve your disputes. We advise you are cautious with who you buy or trade characters with and check ToS details carefully.

If a character issue is reported, the only stance the ART will take, from now on, is stopping all use of the character (i.e. revoking poses, removing images from sniffs and profiles, etc.).

In order to regain usage of the character, we will require PMs from all sides of the issue stating things have been resolved. Please remember to be respectful towards your fellow users as well as the ART and administration team when you are making reports/writing PMs.

Thank you for your understanding,
The Wolfhome Administration
Art Review Team

Halloween Contest Winners! (link to page)

Pumpkin Contest:
  1. Pumpkin #13 - Domestic
  2. Pumpkin #27 - Ocean
  3. Pumpkin #14 - Radium

Room Competition:
  1. Oux
  2. Cobweb/Rahvi
  3. Ari

Comic Contest:
  1. Lock
  2. Flow
  3. Collide

Dress Up:
  1. Lock
  2. Juke
  3. Tie = Flow & Harlequin

Spooky Story:
  1. HushHushHush
  2. Darkwolf
  3. Zorya

Pose Mod:
  Couples - GTWolf/Bunny

Most Unique:
  1. Silika
  2. Kahira
  3. SGrayWolf

  1. Lock
  2. Teaninja
  3. SGrayWolf

  1. Blob
  2. Fury
  3. Affliction

Whos Who - Administrative Changes

List of promotions and retires since the last newsletter.

No new promotions

Bunny - 11/17

Lock - 11/15


Wolfhome Administrative Team:

Alphas: BulletGutz/Colossith, Fancy/Fleur, Razorback (partner), RiceNoodle, Selendris, Sol, Underdog (chat owner), Vladimir

Betas: Astra, Azriel, Bunny, Casanova, CheshireSmile, Darknation, Devaska, Firekeeper, Freewolf, Leski, RedFoxx, ScatteredFL, Siren, Suspria, Takatia, Timberwolf, Wendigowolf

Gammas: Binky, BugFinder, Cyclops, Decoy, Dip, Jenova, Kiche, Kina, Lock, Orez, Pixie, Sandhya/Sirocca, Scarlet, Sessgo, Shivra, ShortCircuit, Silence, Sitara (Korra on forums), Slver/Sola

Admin Assistants: Lucanwolf, ShadowTigress

Art Review Team (ART):

Colossith, Casanova, Cheshiresmile, Ricenoodle, ScatteredFL, Shivra, Siren, Sitara/Korra, Sol, Suspria, Takatia

Event Team:

Altair, AkaiKaze, Ariii, Bacardi, Collide, Crisis, Doctre/Heyl, Grim, Juke, Pulse, Rocket, Tahoma, Twistedd

Forum Department:

Azriel, Casanova, Darknation, Devaska, Firekeeper, Kiche, Orez, Ricenoodle, Sessgo, ScatteredFL, Siren, Slver/Sola, Takatia, Timberwolf

Resourceful links:

Artist TOS Forum - This section is for both artist's and whomever is curious of an artist's TOS. As of April 15, artists are required to post their TOS here so that others may reference it.

Permissions Section - A place to post permissions to artwork and poses sold or allowed others to use. One topic per user, please!

Problem Ticket - Please submit a problem ticket with this link, if you are having any technical issues, ban questions, or other issues. These go directly to the administration team.

Species - Can you use it? If you've seen a species that you'd like to use, commission, or just curious about, here is a link to a collection of original species, their owners, and allowed uses.

Suggestions - Have an idea on how to improve your chat experience? Here's the place to suggest it. Please make sure you search before you post. Someone may have already posted a similar idea.

Wolfhome Markets

Welcome to the 2011 Wolfhome Secret Santa Pose Swap Event!

Every year, the inhabitants of the forum come together to celebrate the holidays and spread some cheer. What better way to do them both than to make a Christmas-themed pose! For those of you who don't know how this works, once you submit your name and information on the template located at the bottom of this post, your name is automatically dropped into a drawing box. We will then randomly assign you someone to draw a pose for. Here's the catch... That person will not know who is drawing a pose for them! The same goes for you too. It'll be like waking up on Christmas morning and running down the hall to claim your presents under that big ol' green pine. Sounds fun, right? Here's everything you need to know to participate!

By signing up, you agree to abide by these rules. If a rule is broken, the participant will be disqualified and will be barred from participating in any future events.

1. All entrants must be able to draw a FULLY CUSTOM pose.
2. You are not permitted to tell anybody who was chosen for you to draw (Unless you need help from another artist). It's for you and me to know only!
3. Be thankful and courteous for the pose you receive. Everybody puts time and effort into what they create, and deserve your thanks!
4. Please PLEASE let me know if you think your pose will not be submitted until after the deadline so I can inform them and avoid any suspicions of being left out.

These Deadlines are extremely strict, and will be extended only under special circumstances.

All information for Sign-Up must be posted here by Saturday, December 10th. You will receive the name the day after, Sunday, December 11th. All poses will be due on Saturday, December 24th. However, an extension to December 31st may be applied if you are truly struggling.

Now that we got all that out of the way, the only thing left to do is fill out this form and join the fun!

Count me in for the Secret Santa 2011 Pose Swap Event!
Username (Forum and Chat): _____________________________
References (Maximum of 2): _____________________________
Likes/Interests: _____________________________

...I'll be working on this some more in the future. Feel free to post your own critiques and opinions about what you'd like to see added/edited in this!

Announcing New Gifts for Wolfhome Members!

For those of you that love to give to your fellow Wolfhome members, there are new gifts available this holiday season. We would like to thank Nanook for the new gifts she has donated to the site! Gifts can be found and sent via Sniffs. This is a great way to congratulate, cheer someone up, or just to be friendly. Gifts can be sent anonymously as well. Just in time for Christmas!

Just in time for Christmas!

It looks like the pathway to the North Pole is back! Some of you have already heard about this "secret" part of Wolfhome, but in case you haven't, here is what you do... First, go to the Frozen Tundra and then look around way up north. If you're careful, you will find a sign pointing to the North Pole! Click on that sign twice and then be ready for "Christmas on Wolfhome".

But that's not all! After playing in the snow for a bit and admiring Santa's snowwolf, be sure to knock on the door, visit Santa's house, and rock around the Christmas tree. Big thanks to Redfoxx for his rooms and inspiration!


By Flow

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